Sunday, July 13, 2014



  1. Aunt Jeannie , we got here yesterday and very excited . everyone s nice and some of the older kids is looking us over . we are not pushovers and we can to give it our best . we are ready , a 8 grade team was ragging us and older than us , we are a force of 12 and we mowed down bigger kids than them to get here and we are going home empty handed , if we do , we know we did our best and not try to bully our way through . Daddy say it how you play the game that counts and Jenny say it is what you have in your head . Jenny said we have brains and not mush so show those kids what we are made of . Thank you aunt Jeannie for all the good luck we will share it with the others . Sending you a lot of love until we get home . love you

    1. Hi Jonny,
      I am glad you are in a nice place and very close to the arena. Now you have no excuse to be late...Ha! Those older grade eight kids are trying to psych you ( shake your confidence) and maybe scare you a little. Just let it roll off your back. I know you are not scared of anyone but they don't know that. Don't let them suck you into trading insults. Daddy's right...It's how you play the game that counts...not if you win or lose. Just be cool, laid back and quiet, my friend. But when you do talk, make it count.
      This is so exciting. You are going to be amazing. Jenny got it right. You guys are so smart
      I will send some extra luck for the rest of the team....Go Caddo!
      Love Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , thank you for the good luck post , we look over the other teams and they may be smart but we can take them . Daddy said just think positive and anything is possible and watch for our team mates signs when they are in trouble and we will be just find . Poppa said not to worry because we are a close team and that gives us a head up on the rest . We are not worry , some of the teams is bragging and on their high horses aunt Jeannie we do not have to brag , we do know our stuff and will show it to them on the stage . We are not some country hicks , all 12 of us know where we are going and do not have to bully over way . aunt Jeannie I think you for the good luck post and I to will share it with the rest of our team . Aunt Jeannie we share and share alike . aunt Nee and poppa say one of them will tell you how we are doing everyday . Like Jonny , all I have to send is a lot of love . Love you

  3. Hi Chris,
    I love your confidence buddy. Your Daddy's right , anything IS possible. You and your team are very bonded and close and it gives you an advantage over some of the others. You work well as a team and you help each other. Your opponents may not have spent so much time together or practiced so much
    . The other teams are looking over the competition and poking you a little to see what you're made of or to see if they can find a weakness . If they are bragging it is because they don't have much confidence in themselves, so they're trying to convince you they're better. Don't fall for it.
    You are a very smart young man and you have a pretty awesome team. Enjoy yourself and give it your best shot. I'm sending more luck for your team mates....Go Caddo!

    Love you..Aunt Jeannie


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