Sunday, October 27, 2013

White Chocolate Eyeballs.....Happy Halloween


A Little Eye Candy         

Are you ready to make some spooky candy?
In order to keep the mixture from burning, melt the candy in a double boiler.

If you don't have a double boiler set a smaller pot inside a larger pot of water. I used a 3 quart pot inside a 4 quart. A 2 quart and 3 quart would also work.

Be careful to only put and inch or so of water in the larger pot. You don't want it to boil up and splash you. You just want to keep the upper pot from touching the heat source directly.

Also, use a large cooking spoon, rather than a short handled table spoon.

Ounce to Gram Converter

Ounce to Gram Conversion

Take the chilled blue mixture from the refrigerator

It's in a smaller dish. It will chill first.

 The blue mixture should be cold to the touch after about 15 minutes.

Take out little pinches of the mixture and roll it into a pea size ball. Then, flatten the ball by pressing on it with your index finger.

Make about 36 of these.

Put these back in the refrigerator to keep cool.

Take the chilled white mixture from the refrigerator

It should feel cold to the touch.

Scoop about a heaping teaspoon of the mixture out and roll it between your hands into approximately 1 inch balls.

If the balls start to melt into blobs and lose shape; then the mixture isn't cold enough. Try also chilling the plate you are putting them on.


Now for the Assembly

The fun part! 


   Take the flattened blue dots and plop them on the white truffles. Put a mini chocolate chip in the middle of each one to form the pupil.

Now for the creepy finale

The serving presentation -making it icky

 I prefer a white or clear plate for this, so the eyeballs show up.
Plop a drop of strawberry syrup everywhere you are going to place an eyeball.

 Drizzle a little running down the rim in droplets.

Place an eyeball on the strawberry syrup drop.

If you want to be a little more ghoulish, drizzle some on the eyeballs.
Store in the refrigerator until almost ready to serve. They shouldn't be ice cold when served so take them out a little before serving time.  Ghoulishly delicious....The kids will inhale them.

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