Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food for Thought : Halloween & Louisiana State Fair

A house dressed up for halloween  on Olive Street in the Highland neighborhood  of Shreveport , Louisiana.
Both Halloween and the State Fair of Louisiana  all in one week  is more than enough proof to say fall has arrived ! The temptations  that surround us this time of year  do not always agree  with our plans to eat healthfully . However, you may be surprised  to find  out that  you can find healthy foods  walking down  the midway . Here are a few tips to help you navigate  the State Fair  of Louisiana without  punishing your waistline .

1. Remember the fair has healthy foods . Look for grilled options  such as chicken  and steak . Grilled vegetables  are great , too.! Be mindful of your beverages  such as sweetened teas  , sodas and lemonade . These can pack quite a powerful calorie punch .
2 . Sharing can be a good thing . Have a carving  for that one food , but you know  you shouldn't eat the entire  portion ? There is nothing wrong  with sharing  a few of your favorites with a friend .
3 . Be intentional and purposeful  with your choices  . Plan ahead . Tak a walk  completely down the midway  before making your selection . Know what is offered  and make your choice ahead of time  to eliminate  impluse  spending .
4 . One day do not make or break a diet  plan . If you happen to overindulge , Make sure  you get back on track tomorrow .

Words of Wisdom:
A religious  awaking  is what takes place when the preacher  gets through preaching .

I wake up looking like my driver's license picture .

An optimist is one who takes a frying pan on a fishing trip .

If Satan knocks on your door , ask Jesus if He will get the door for you .

A proud grandpa         G.


  1. Those food booths at the Fair are always so tempting! You have made excellent points for us to follow.

  2. Thank you kindly dear lady .
    I do not know much about cooking , but I sure know what is good to eat (laughing my butt off ).

  3. Poppa ,
    I am so glad you chose that picture of Della and Dora's house ,I wasn't sure so I took 4 for you to chose from, it looks more spooky in person.
    Great post poppa and I hear you will have to share your food with uncle for posting all your pictures .
    Love you poppa

  4. Poppa
    Your pictures are pretty , mama took us by Miss Della and Miss Dora house and we got a lot of treats , poppa we got you and uncle Harvey some treats . Poppa we want some ham and pickles with our breakfast .
    Mama and daddy is leaving on our Movie night daddy say they was leaving around 9 , we will have fun , daddy got us new movies to watch . We love you poppa .
    Wrote by Sha

  5. Dad you always amaze me and I do so thank you so much for all the help you are giving me .
    I never expected two posts back-to-back , thank you my darling Dad for everything you do for me.
    Friday night you are on your own , the kids will be good , I mean you are on your own with Mae Hahahaha!
    Dad you are the man .

  6. Hi G,
    It's so hard to resist corn dogs and cotton candy and French fries are my personal weakness. I have to walk through a fair with blinders on. Good advice is sometimes hard to follow.
    Good post. Loved the pictures.
    If Satan knocked at our door, I'd get Nana to answer. She'd hit him with her stick and run over him with her walker. He wouldn't be back.

    luv and hugs

  7. I do thank you my Lady for your kind words .
    I am enjoying myself immensely . I think I got the hang of the pictures with my dang son's help .

    I really was expecting a reaction form you on my ghost house .


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