Friday, October 25, 2013

Cubs Video Club


Luv Aunt Jeannie


  1. aunt Jeannie ,all the videos was so funny , we laugh at the scary ones man and Bubba was not scare , poppa and uncle Harvey would make good halloween scarecrows they are so funny . We had a good time at poppa birthday party , it was at the lake , uncle Gregg cook a whole pig with a apple in his mouth, mama made poppa 2 long cakes with writing and roses on them , we ate the roses they was icing and good .we went to the fair had a lot of fun , daddy said he will take us back if we are good .
    We went to Nasa class Tuesday we was so happy they open back up . I am doing real good in school and get high scores on my papers , Chris and I are in the same classes and we do not get lost anymore , I will be glad when my sisters get here daddy say I will be grduating before man get here , we got poppa a lot of cool stuff , poppa hugged and kiss us and said he was a bless man for having such good grandkids , Chris and Sheryl and bubba call him poppa to . my birthday will be here next month I will be 12 and my daddy say he is so proud of me . Thank you aunt Jeannie for the video and here come a big slice of poppa cake , I love you .

  2. Aunt Jeannie , we was out of school Friday , the fair is here , everyone went , poppa took his scooter , he said he was not walking , before it was over mMan and Bubba was riding with poppa , they was tired and sleepy , under Chris said he was glad poppa had his chair because the boys is heavy ,I miss my brother but his teacher told daddy he is very smart and had his work on time . a lot of girls is calling for Jonny but he say he do not have a girlfriend . Sheryl say the same thing about Chris , I heard Jonny and Chris say they need to have a man to man talk with daddy and uncle Chris , they will not tell us , we ask mama and she said all boys have things to talk to their daddys and it is about girls , mama say daddys do not about girls , mama is so funny .
    Poppa had a very big birthday party and we gave him some presents and he wipe a tear and said how much he love us , we had a pig and a lot more stuff , daddy fry a turkey and uncle Chris cook fish , everyone brought something to eat . MeMa brought 2 pecan pies and poppa hid them so he could take them home . Daddy said Joanna you could leave them home and poppa and uncle Harvey would have fun stealing them . we fixed Poppa and uncle Harvey hair I will let Jenny tell you about them .
    Thank you aunt Jeaannie for the videos , I like them all we laughed at them they was so funny . I am sending a basket full of goodies and a lot of love , I love you .

  3. aunt Jeannie , we are having a lot of fun , we went to the fair Friday , we did not eat much , just cotton candy and dogs on a stick and turkey legs and some more stuff . we went on rides and seen the animals , we won some prizes , just had a lot of fun . Our NASA class is open I am so glad , Jonny and I are getting on the basketball team , they do not have football in middle school , uncle Glenn say when we get to high school and want to play football , he will come down to help us , uncle Glenn play football with the Dallas Cowboys .Jonny and I are on the debate team , we debated 2 schools and won both , Jonny is the captain and I am the co captain , Mr. Jefferies told my daddy that all the kids voted for us because we knew our stuff
    we have more homework but it is not hard , we had no fights in school , we told 3 8 graders they better back off , because we do not take being push and they left us along . I like all the videos , we are going to watch them and some movies tinight . Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and I am sending you a turkey leg . I love you

  4. Aunt Jeannie , do you have snow yet , they said it was going to snow here , my daddy said it will melt before it hit the ground , my daddy and aunt Nee is just alike . the cubs went to poppa birthday party Friday with aunt Nee to help her get things ready , my mama and daddy went fright night , aunt Mae and aaut Susan stay with my daddy and we stay with aunt Nee for our movie night . I am doing real good in school , Sha is smart to and doing good , Sha write on the blackboard for our teacher sometime and I do to, there is one more girl that the teacher let write , she said the rest need to learn how to write so you can read it .
    I went to the fair and had a good time , we did rides we ate and saw some of our friends there Bubba and Man went to sleep they was full from eating turkey legs . aunt Jeannie I like all the videos and the baby farts was so cute , I like the babies laughing and the girl walking with the loin and swimming with the tiger is very brave , We did the just dance , it was easy because we know hot to do the robot , uncle Gil taught us when I was 9 , poppa can dance , aunt Jeannie everyone can dance , aunt Mae use to dance now she shake her butt and poppa say stop Mae before you break your other leg .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the nice videos and I am sending you a box full of warm hugs and kisses I llove you .

  5. aunt Jeannie , I went to the fair and poppa birthday party , I had fun , I went on rides Man and I went on a pony ride it was fun . aunt Jeannie I like all the videos , I am sending you some white ribbons and a turkey leg thank you for the videos and I love you .

  6. Aunt Jeannie , what you doing , I like the videos , daddy put the baby farting on my video box ,I am sending you some mint candy .I love you. hug hug kiss kiss by by aunt Jeannie

  7. Aunt Jeannie , do you have snow , it is cold here not real cold , we can still go outside and play . All the videos was nice and we laughed at the scary ones , they was not to scary ,
    Poppa and uncle Harvey is going to sit out front in a with suit and give way candy , and scare the kids like in the video . Daddy told them that they was not going to sit out there , the kids would throw rocks at them , poppa said he would have the water hose and shoot water on them and daddy said their mama would come over nad beat their musty butts , daddy is just like poppa they are so funny . uncle Harvey is funny too .
    We had a good time at poppa party , poppa was proud of his gifts , all 7 of the cubs put our money together to get poppa something real nice and it made him so happy .
    Poppa like for us to brush his hair and Huncle harvey wanted his hair brush so we got Jonny hair gel when the close their eyes and made their hair stand up , mama and anut Nita made pictures and mama said Gil I got to send Jeannie one , they woke up and boy did they look cute . Mama told poppa they took pictures , aunt Jeannie we can not find any pictures , daddy say poppa and uncle Harvey hid them or threw them away .
    Aunt Jeannie , The guilty dog acts just like MeMa 2 little dogs , they think they are kids , the smiling dog was cute , he is not as cute as Maxy is when he grin . I like the gangman style robots , they was funny , I liked them all .
    I will have a meeting next week , I was going to have one but mama was out of town and miss Davis said lets wait for mama , I feel so good when I see my mama sitting on there smiling at me .
    Mama say we are her blessing that daddy gave to her . I ask mama who gave us to daddy and she said she did , aunt Jeannie mama is funny , I ask her how and she said when I get older she would tell me , I ask her how old and daddy said 25, I told him I would be to old to care and daddy said now Jen you are acting like your poppa .
    The fair was a lot of fun and there was so many things to see and some was just silly and look crazy . I am having a good time in school and my teacher is smart , he come to Mama Meeting to learn more about the warming of the earth so he can help miss Davis .
    Jonny and Chris club is on hold right now , they don't have a place for it unless they can do it on Saturday , daddy said their work schdule was full and they need to have some time for friends and family ,he said the only free evening we had was Friday , that is when we by our food and do our weekend home work . I have my meeting from 1 to 2 . Daddy said he would see what he could do after talking to the princle . I told Jonnny and Chris they are loaded down now with karate and since club and Nasa and now they are on the debating team and they will start basketball next month . sometime they go to Nasa on Saturday moring 9 to 10 one time a month .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos , I am sending you a box of candy and soft pillow cloud , love you

  8. Jeannie ,
    How are you and your family ?

    This has been a very trying last two weeks , now I can sit back and relax , hopefully (smiling).

    Thanks for caring for my kids .
    a humble and very proud daddy .

  9. Hi Jonny,
    Glad you enjoyed the videos. I didn't really want to scare the little guys and give them nightmares.

    My goodness Jonny did you eat the whole pig? Even his tail? It does sound kind of good. I figured Mama would have to make at least two cakes. They sound delicious. I bet it was a great birthday party. It was an awesome idea for all the cubs to put their money together and get really special gifts for Poppa. It showed him that you put a lot of thought and love into his birthday.

    Mama told me you went to the fair. Did you go on any rides? Did you trying the shooting games or the ring toss?? I love fairs. I took Sam and Jake to one a couple of weeks ago and they went on all the rides. Jakey won a teddy bear by popping balloons with darts. He is a pretty good dart player. I won some money on a big spinning wheel.

    I am happy to hear that your NASA classes are open again. You and Chris really enjoy studying the stars. It is much too cold to sit outside at night with the telescope right now in Canada. I have one and like looking at the stars too. I write about the stars sometimes.

    It's great that you don't get lost at school any more. I know it can be pretty confusing when you first start at a big school. My first week in high school, I kept forgetting where my locker was. I almost cried. I guess Sha will be joining you next year at your school and Sheryl too. You are growing up so quickly Jonny. Slow down a little so we can all enjoy you for a while longer. I am very proud to hear you are doing so well in school. We always knew you were very smart.

    Twelve years old next month? Time sure goes fast when you are having fun. I wonder what you will wish for with your birthday wish. I bet you will have a heck of a fine party with at least two cakes and I wish I could be there to see you smile.

    Thankyou for the cake and I am sending you a fresh cinnamon bun. I just made them. It comes to you with much love and bone crushing hug.

    Luv Aunt Jeannie>>>>>>>HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  10. Dear Sha,
    It's exciting to get a day off school and go to a fair. They are so much fun aren't they? I wonder what your favorite thing at the fair was. Mine was the rides and cotton candy. We took the twins to a fair recently and they had to try everything. Poppa's scooter sure comes in handy for carrying kids around.

    You won't be missing your brother for long, pretty girl. You will be joining him next year and you will be glad he is there to show you around. It sounds like he is getting along great in middle school. He must be quite handsome if the girls are calling him. Boys have lots of man to man talks with their dads. We girls are not supposed to know what they are talking about but we usually know anyway. And Mama is right it is often about girls.

    I bet Poppa had a wonderful birthday party. It meant a lot to him that you all loved him so much. I would have liked to see that pig turning on the spit with the apple in his mouth. I bet it smelled delicious. You always have a lot of good food at your parties. I have never fried a turkey but I have always wanted to try it. I would like to know how Daddy does it. Mema must be a wonderful cook because Poppa and Uncle Harvey always seem to steal her stuff. Those guys sure have a sweet tooth.

    I heard about the hair styles you gave Poppa and Uncle Harvey. That must have been so funny. I bet you laughed and laughed. They are pretty good sports.

    Good to know you liked the videos. I know they weren't very scary. I found some that were so frightening that they made me scared and I went around my house making sure all the doors were locked tight. Mama says you like the very scary ones so I will keep that in mind next time.

    Thankyou for my basket Sweetie and I always look forward to the love you send me. Have a great Halloween and don't let the witches and spooks catch you. Candy kisses and chocolate hugs with a whole lot of love,

    Luv Aunt Jeannie>>>>>HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  11. Hi Chris,
    It sounds like you are having so much fun lately. A great party at the cabins and then a sounds like tons of fun. I always loved the food a the fair, especially cotton candy. It's not a good idea to eat too much before you go on the rides though, in case you puke your guts out all over the guy in the next seat. I always loved those rides. The wilder, the better. I wonder what you won the prizes for....shooting maybe?

    Good to know your NASA class is open again. I know you guys enjoy it very much. So much neat stuff to learn about the universe. The further we go into deep space, the smarter we get. Our future is out there.

    Basketball is a great sport. I love it and used to play a bit. You will have a lot of fun playing. Do you have a hoop at home so you can practice? And, listen, my friend, you are so lucky to have a pro football player to teach you some moves. Imagine all the great tips you can learn from him. The Dallas Cowboys are a fantastic team. We even know about them way up here in polar bear land.

    Congratulations on being on the debating team, Chris. That is quite an achievement and it will help you when you grow up to communicate well with people. And it sounds like you are very good at it already if you have won twice so far. I am very proud of you.

    I don't think you will get into any fights in middle school. You are pretty big and tough guys now and the other guys will respect you. Now they know you won't back down, they will leave you alone.

    You are more than welcome for the videos and that turkey leg was awesome. Thank you for the love, I always look forward to getting that. I will send you some of my fresh baked Halloween cookies wrapped in much love and friendship. Big hug,

    Luv Aunt Jeannie.......HAPPY HALLOWEEN


  12. Hi Sheryl,
    Yes, we have had snow three times so far but it has melted away. But soon it will be so cold the snow will stay and start getting deeper. Then we have lots of fun snow boarding and skiing and tobogganing. I think your daddy and Aunt Nee are the closest in age of all the brothers and sisters and they grew up together and are close. So, I bet you are right, that they are very much alike.

    I hear you all had a great time at Poppa's party. Lots of good food and fun. And you all made Poppa very happy. I bet you really enjoy movie night at aunt Nee's with your cousins.

    I am very proud to hear you are doing well in school. It's important, and I know your Mama and Daddy are proud of you. It is a privilege to be chosen by the teacher to write on the board for her. Your writing must be excellent. Good for you, Sweetie.

    I hear you all had a day off from school. What a perfect time to go to the fair. I imagine you had a lot of fun on the rides . I always loved them and all the games too. I heard about Bubba and Man going to sleep and getting a ride on Poppa's scooter. It was a good idea to bring that scooter. Little kids always get tired at the fair and the dads have to carry them all over the place. I bet those turkey legs were pretty awesome.

    I laughed at the baby fart too. Babies are so cute and they don't know it. It sounds like the whole family likes to dance. It's nice that you all danced to the videos. And I think some of those people who play with huge wild animals are just a bit crazy. I don't think I will be swimming with tigers or playing with grizzly bears any time soon. I bet Aunt Mae and Poppa are so much fun. I know they enjoy joking with each other. And he likes to tease her.

    I loved my box of warm hugs and kisses. They will keep me warm on our cold nights and I am so grateful for the love. I am sending you a big white chocolate ghost filled with hugs, kisses and chewy chunks of love......HAPPY HALLOWEEN,

    Luv Aunt Jeannie


  13. Hi Bubba,
    You have had lots of fun and excitement haven't you? Poppa's party was great and then you went to the fair. What a lucky boy. I bet you went on some good rides with Man...and the ponies are always fun. And did you have some cotton candy? Did you get some prizes? I wish I could go to the fair with you.

    I love my pretty ribbons. Thankyou Bubba. And how did you know I loved turkey legs? It was so yummy.

    I am sending you a big Halloween bag full of candy and hugs and kisses and lollipops of love.

    Luv Aunt Jeannie


  14. Hi Man,
    I am very pleased that you like the videos. The baby fart was very funny. I am sure it made you laugh. Right now I am sitting on a broom with a witch and we are flying over my house and I am eating the nice mint candies you sent me. They are sweet and good.

    I am sending you a big box of Halloween candies and treats with candy kisses and chocolate hearts full of love.

    Luv Aunt Jeannie

  15. Hi Jenny,
    We have had some snow but it has melted each time. That will change soon when it gets a bit colder and the white stuff will stay around for months. I knew you wouldn't be scared of those videos. I didn't want to make them frightening because of the little guys. They might have scary dreams.

    Do you think it is a good idea for Poppa and Uncle Harvey to sit outside and scare the kids? Maybe not. The kids might get mad and beat them up and then their mamas might come over and join the fun. There wouldn't be much left of Poppa and Uncle Harvey. I don't believe for a minute that those guys would turn the hose on little you?

    I heard that Poppa's party was pretty awesome and it made him very happy. I know you took extra care choosing his gifts together and making them very special and you all put your money together. I think that touched his heart.

    Oh my gosh, Crusader, I would have loved to see a picture of those two with their hair spiked...Hahaha! I bet Daddy's right... Poppa got rid of the pictures What fun adventures you cubs get up to.

    I think Mama told me once that Mema had Pekingese dogs. They are really cute with their big eyes and pushed in noses. I bet they look funny when they are guilty. My favorite is the smiley dog. Maxy smiles a lot but not that good.

    It's a good idea to wait for Mama to be at your meeting. She will inspire you and make you feel good. You are a blessing your Mama and daddy gave each other. Don't worry, you will learn all about it and other interesting things about life in a couple of years. Daddies are funny. They want to protect their little girls from everything and they think we are their little girls forever. My dad was like that. I don't think he wanted me to grow up.

    Fairs are always tons of fun and all of them are filled with silly, crazy and funny things. But I loved the rides, especially the fast and wild ones. Not so much any more. I got sick to my stomach when I went on a wild ride with Sam and Jake a few weeks ago.

    Boy, it is good to know you got a good teacher and you are liking school. And it is wonderful that he is interested in your global warming project. That is just the kind of support you need.

    Jonny and Chris sure are involved in a lot of things, but that is a very good thing. They can always get involved with a climate change project in the future. You will be very busy in middle school too.

    Thank you for the candy. I think I will sneak away on my cloud and eat some right now. I need a break. I am sending you two big polar bears pulling a sleigh piled with hugs and kisses and big hunks of love.

    Luv Aunt Jeannie

    PS: Don't forget to feed those bears or they might eat you...HA!

  16. Hi Gil,
    You certainly did have a very intense couple of weeks. Don't get too comfortable...I have a feeling it will be a short respite with such an active family.

    Your kids are lovely. I can see why you're proud.
    I know that raising them can be a humbling experience at times ( but so worth it)



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