Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food for Thought : Health Education Week

This week we celebrate  Health Education Week.

There are many organizations  and professions  that contribute  to the area of health education . However , the most important person in the health education  model is the consumer . It is the  consumer that must mke sure   they are actively participating  in their own health care . Being able to understand  health information  and make decisions  from that information  is esential to a person's well being . Studirs have shown a link between  low health  literacy  and poor health outcomes . Here are a few tips  to help you increase  your health literacy.

1. Take someone with you to the doctor . Sometimes it is beneficial to have  an extra person  to help process  information  and ask questions . Make sure  to ask plenty of questions  of all your health care professionals , including  doctors  , nurses  and pharmacists .
2 . Ask about interactions  with food , precriptions  and over-the-counter medications . Sometimes  medications  , foods  or vitamin supplements  interfere  with each other . So make sure  you inform your health care provider of everything you take .
3 . Know your family history . Having  a family history of certain diseases  such  as heart  disease  or diabetes  is information  your doctor  needs to know  to  make sure  you receive all the screening to best help monitor  your health .
Words of Wisdom :
My secrets are safe with my friends , they can't remember a dang thing either .
As I get older , the more notes I need .
I used to eat a lot of natural foods  until I learned  that most people die from natural causes .
I was put on this earth  to accomplish a number of things . Right now , I'm so far behind  that I think I will live forever .
My idea of weight lifting is standing up .
A smile is a cruve  that sets  a lot of things straight .
Laughter is the shortest distance  between two people .
If you aim at nothing , you will hit it everytime .

A very proud grandpa .           G.


  1. Dad,
    You are so wonderful to help when you are so needed with very helpful posts and your 'Food for Thoughts' posts helps a lot of people.... the cubs think you are a smart poppa and so do the rest of us .
    We love you so much .

  2. Poppa,
    You are so wise to take daddy to the doctor with you, mama asy daddy went to doctor with you to hear what the doctor said .
    we thought daddy went to the doctor with you so you would not talk bad to the doctor , poppa you ae so funny , but we like your cooking and food .
    Mama and daddy is going on a weekend trip , will you be cooking for us , want bacon and pie and cake with ice cream on the side .
    w love you somuch poppa .
    Your good and sweet cubs .
    Wrote by Jenny

  3. Great post HB,
    Good advice. Basically people are ignorant about what is good for them. They don't see their doctor often enough and they don't realize how important family history can be.

    Nana thought your words of wisdom were terrific and she agreed with them all. You really made her laugh.

    Luv and hugs

    PS: Make sure you give those cubs cake and ice-cream for breakfast with their bacon.

  4. Hi Poppa ,
    Boy , you are getting good , I was looking for your hollaween post , now I will have to wait until tomorrow .
    Poppa you are full of surprises . Lyn wants to have breakfast with you . Love you .

  5. Hey Dad,
    Nicely done , please ask the ladies to pay you in money , I neeed help with the bills (smiling).
    Your humble son

  6. G.
    Your post is very informative and wise .
    I have a very good post for you , it's in your line of thought , I will fax it over to you .
    Keep up the good work , maybe it will keep you out of trouble , oh G. that's just wishful thinking .

  7. G. you old devil , nothing will keep you out of trouble but we all love you just the same , your only sister .

  8. Hello G.
    Like your post , it's really nice and we all should pay attention , good advice pal .
    Stay dry and warm .

  9. I want to think you one and all for your kind words , it warms an old man's heart.
    I am pitching in for Witchy , the girl is busy and I want to help her and 'The Genie' .
    Be prepared , I post about think that suit my fancy . And again I thank you .


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