Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Little Sister

  Sister Stands For :
'S'  stands for sincerity , that your world is filled with ,
'I'  stands for innocence ,
of your mind that makes you  so rich .
'S'  stands for strong , that describes your heart best ,
'T'  stand for talented ,
That makes you stand out from the  rest .
'E'  stands for encouraging , just the way  you always do , 
'R'  stands for rare , and our dearest sister  that's true .
Happy  Birthday to you !

Jonny , Sha , Man Carano 
We love you  very much 


  1. I love tou so very much and the post is just beautiful .
    I thank you Jonny and Sha for the birthday cake , I thank poppa and Man for the bear , poppa said that is how my eyes look when I am trying to find my presents . all I found was some empty boxes .
    daddy said he likes to see the surprise on our faces . I told daddy we was going to do the rumba , he laugh and said little woman , his old bones do not move like they use to .
    Daddy is so funny , his old bones move real good yesterday when he was dancing with mama . Poppa said we will do a ballroom walrz , poppa is a good dancer .
    I am thanking I have such loving brothers and sister as you 3 , I love you all so much ,
    Thank you for the beautiful birthday post .
    Love Jenny

  2. Jonny , Sha , ManApril 8, 2016 at 7:12 PM

    You are much love little sister , you are almost as bossy as Sha , we are going to have fun at your party .
    Poppa said that is the way your eyes will be going looking at your presents .


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