Friday, April 8, 2016

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  1. Aunt Jeannie , you are so wonderful , I love them , they will make beautiful posters .
    Nita said she will put them up at the entrance of Poppa Garden . Poppa call Edmond and told him to take a look ,Edmond said he wanted some posters to put up .
    I emailed Tyger , told her to take a look , I am waiting to hear from her .
    I love you very much aunt Jeannie and thank you for all the help .
    We are so happy you introduce mama to climate change .
    Tell uncle Brian he has a really smart wife and to give you kisses .
    Aunt Jeannie , mama said uncle Brian had a sweet tooth , poppa and uncle Harvey said he should live here with them , they would teach him how to steal all the sweets he want . Aunt Jeannie poppa and uncle Harvey is so bad . poppa told uncle Harvey and mr. Larry to taste his punch , Jonny said they taste the punch all day and now they are still sleep . They get in so much trouble .
    Love you and thank you so much .


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