Tuesday, April 5, 2016


  1. Jeannie ,
    Thank you ever so much , it was very thoughtful of you to remember .

    Trump can forget the wall around the cake , Little Women told Baby to use numbers , there wasn't enough space for all the candles .
    Trump show his face here , I will sic Man's dog on him . Smiling .
    Again I thank you .
    Wishing the twins a happy birthday .
    Baby is answering your letter .
    Give my regards to your family .
    Thanks again .

    1. Most welcome
      Have a wonderful party. I will inform Mr Trump he is not invited. I'm sure he will sulk. Very best wishes,
      Friendly neighborhood Genie

  2. Howdy PIC,
    What a cute post .
    Why do trump look like he just finish sucking a pickle or lemon .
    Love Gil's card .

    Go to WAG

  3. Thanks PIC
    Got your note. Have fun with the birthdays and be a good little Witchy. I think I am getting a crush on Trump with his lovely hair and pouty little mouth.
    Lots of love
    Frozen Genie


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