Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lots of love and birthday wishes
 Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Brian

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  1. Aunt Jeannie and uncle Brian , thank you both for a beautiful birthday post , I love it .
    I asked daddy to print the to my crusader picture make it large like my other poster pictures ,I want 8 or 10 , put one in Nanooks craft store and the shops at the hotel and flea market . I will put one up at the desk in the hotel , so everyone checking in will see it and help with the fight against climate change . up at mama meeting room .
    Aunt Jeannie I am 12 years old , I will have a birthday party tomorrow and daddy will have his tomorrow night . I want a jewelry making machine , I will make the accessories to go with Sha designs , mama said we can have some space in Nanook shop and we can share her office . I made some of the jewelry you put on maxy . Daddy said we still had to do fun things .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie and uncle Brian for a beautiful post . I hope you both are feeling better . I love you both . Throwing lots of kisses to you both .
    Love Jenny


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