Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter Aunt Jeannie & Uncle Brian

                                                   Meaning of Easter

The Meaning of Easter
Colored eggs and chocolate bunnies
A rainbow of jelly beans.
But how many people truly know
What Easter really means?
Easter is a time of promise
that God has given to man.
It’s the culmination
of His redemption plan.
This is a time of renewal
as it happens every spring.
The flowers now are blooming
The birds begin to sing.
Easter is a time of hope
and a day of rebirth.
It shows that winter’s over
And spring has come to earth.
Author  unknown :

Jonny  , Sha  , Jenny  , Man Carano

Chris  , Sheryl  , Bubba  Landrieau


  1. Just beautiful, Thank you
    Love Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Brian

    1. Aunt Jeannie , you are so welcome , we are happy you like it . Poppa said you like butterflies , the baby is you so fat and pretty , we could not find one with dark hair . We has a good time Easter , the little kids found lots of eggs , they little kids saw mama coming to bite the bunny ears and the run . They know mama will bite their ears .
      Sheryl said to tell you she has dark hair and brown eyes . Sheryl is pretty .
      We are happy you like your easter post and we love you so much .
      Wrote by Jenny


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