Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love Aunt Jeannie


  1. Happy Easter aunt Jeannie , we will have a great time , poppa said Chris and I can help hide the eggs .
    daddy and uncle Chris took us shopping today , daddy said we was growing so fast , he asked what was mama feeding us .
    Aunt Jeannie I want you to have a very nice easter , do not eat to much or you will get fat . Mama said she has to watch what she eat , she has to watch her figure , daddy said eat watch you want baby , he was watching her figure . Poppa laugh at him . Aunt Jeannie , I am on the honor roll and will be in th grade this school year . Hope you are feeling better . Thank you very much for the Easter Post . Sending you lots of love . Jonny

    1. Hi Jonny,
      On the honor roll? That is wonderful...You deserve it. I am very proud of my junior scientist and loyal knight. I bet you guys are growing huge. Not too big to enjoy Easter, I hope. You will enjoy hiding eggs for the little guys but you are still allowed to eat a bunch of chocolate eggs too. We never get too old for that.
      I already ate too much buddy. It was a miserable winter and I stayed home a lot and cooked things for my grandkids. I had to sample a lot of them to make sure they were good. But I can still waddle from the table to the sofa.
      Mama is a beautiful lady and your daddy loves watching her. You are a pretty lucky guy to be in such a loving family. I love my Easter card and verse. Thank you very much.
      Much love to you my friend
      Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , when you read this I hope you are feeling better and will have a real good Easter . I think it will be clear and sunny for Easter and rain next Wednesday and Thursday . We will have a good time , we went shopping today , we split up in the mall , the boys went with daddy and uncle Chris , we went with mama and aunt Anita , we saw daddy and uncle Chris sitting on the hallway watching the ladies go by , mama asked daddy where was the boys , daddy said they was shopping , mama said you get your butt up and keep up with them , Aunt Anita said get your butt up to Chris , boy those guys can move fast . We laughed because daddy know mama do not play ,
    Aunt Jeannie I hope you have a nice Easter with plenty of good stuff.
    Mama told Eloise to cook ham , she was buying some rotisserie chickens from the organic store , aunt Jeannie they are so good , they use lots of herbs .
    Aunt Jeannie thank you for the Easter post , it is beautiful . we are sending you and uncle Brian one , we asked daddy to post it tomorrow .
    Sending you love and good wishes for a happy and joyful Easter .

    1. Hello pretty lady,
      Thank you for the get well wishes. You don't know how much they mean to me. I am so pleased you may get a break in the weather for Easter. The little guys enjoy it so much. And I always think Easter marks the real start of spring. We always get our first nice weather at this time...except for this year. It really sucks right now. You will have a lot of fun. You always do.
      Your mama has made me laugh for so many years, the way she gets your daddy to dance to her tune. It's all in fun. But the truth is men just don't like shopping. Uncle Brian always finds a bench somewhere and goes to sleep in about 5 seconds. We go back in an hour and he is still snoring.
      We will have a nice Easter with our friends. We were invited to a couple of parties but would rather spend some quiet time with our friends and talk about our wild adventures together when we were younger. All my daughters are making hams and turkeys and will save some for us, I hope. A couple of them are great cooks...Jaye not so much, but she has improved a lot. We don't give all her food to the dog any more.
      Have a fantastic day sweetheart. I loved the beautiful card and the verse and so did Uncle Brian. We thank you all.
      Love and best wishes for a beautiful Easter
      Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie , here is wishing you love and happiness and all the good things in life that comes good things for you , I think about you often , Our parents took us shopping for Easter outfits , we are going to have lots of fun Sunday , the big kids will have to look after the little kids , that is a lot of fun . Aunt Susan took her grands shopping , MeMa was with them , they are good kids now , all they need was someone to love them .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie , I love you very much .

    1. Hello Sweetie,
      What a lovely Easter surprise to hear from you. Thank you so much for the love and kind wishes. I keep them all in my heart. I think about all of you growing up strong, healthy and happy and that makes me feel good.
      I bet you chose something pretty to wear. I am sure you are as beautiful as your cousins and I picture you with dark hair and blue eyes. Am I right?
      You are right about Aunt Susan's grandkids. All they needed was someone to love them. That works for all of us, don't you think?
      Have a wonderful Easter
      Much love and a big hug, Aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie , how you doing , aunt Nee said you got snow , we got rain , they closed the schools when it rain so much because of the flooding .
    Aunt Jeannie I hope you have a really nice Easter and enjoy your family and friends . Aunt Emily said we was coming to Easter Sunrise services and we keep Bubba , Man , RJ and CC woke , Jenny said aunt Emily if uncle Harold jump up and down like he do all the time , they will not go to sleep .
    Aunt Jeannie thank you for the Easter post , I love it and tell uncle brian Happy Easter and I hope you are feeling well and have a great Easter .
    Love you very Much .

    1. Hi Chris,
      I have been reading about the heavy rains and flooding in your part of the world. You know its serious when they close your schools. I hope it clears up for Easter so you can all have some fun. It is still snowing here and we had an ice storm a couple of days ago. That's when rain the freezes as soon as it touches something. It looks so pretty when the trees look like glass but it is dangerous because branches break and fall and the ground is so slippery you can't walk.
      We will have some fun this Easter in a quiet way but I miss being the Easter Bunny and seeing all the kids screeching and running around the garden with baskets. Why do you guys have to grow up??
      Hahahaha! I think I would like Uncle Harold. He loves his work and gets excited about it. But some guys get sleepy just walking through the church doors. I could name some names but I won't.
      You are most welcome...and thank you for the beautiful card and verse. We both loved it. I will tell Uncle Brian Happy Easter from you. Now tell me how to stop him from stuffing too much chocolate in his belly. He has a sweet tooth.
      Have a fantastic Easter, my friend. It was great to hear from you.
      Lots of love, Aunt Jeannie

  5. Aunt Jeannie , Happy Easter to you , I bet the Easter Bunny bring you lots of goodies . I will be in the 4th grade in the fall , Man and Cc will be in the 3rd grade .
    I like the Easter post very much and thank you , I love you .
    Wrote by Chris

    1. Hello Bubba,
      I am so happy to hear from you. You must be such a big boy by now. I can't believe you will be in the fourth grade next year. You will learn some really interesting grown up stuff in grade four. You will like it.
      The Easter Bunny brings us some good stuff. Just imagine how far that guy has to travel from your house to my house. I bet he is tired when he gets home. I wonder if he eats a couple of Easter eggs for energy. I'm pleased you liked your card.
      Hugs and Kisses Bubba,
      Aunt Jeannie

      PS: thanks Chris

  6. Aunt Jeannie , the Easter post is so pretty the bunny rabbit has a big mouth . we have rabbits in the yard , they are gray and run real fast , poopie and MeMa dogs chase them , they can not catch them they are to fast .
    Aunt Jennie what you doing , thank you so much , I love you kiss kiss by by I love you .
    Wrote by Jenny

    1. Hello Man,
      That Bunny sure does have a big mouth. He reminds me of Uncle Brian when he yawns. The rabbits are kind of cute aren't they? I am glad your dogs don't catch them. Our dogs chase the bunnies too but never catch them. My dogs are too fat.
      I hope you have a very Happy Easter and have lots of fun. Right now I am hiding behind a chair in the Easter Bunny's house watching him make chocolate eggs and marshmallow bunnies. He works very hard.
      Lots of love and a big hug
      Aunt Jeannie

      PS: Thanks Jenny

  7. Aunt Jeannie , I hope you are feeling better and will enjoy Easter with your family and friends . Jonny and Chris will help hide the eggs before we go to sunrise services early Sunday morning , I asked uncle Harold did he have a good sermon and to say it loud because most of the men set in the back pew , poppa and uncle Harvey sat at the back and go to sleep , One time uncle Harold got on the mic because the church was crowded it is a very big church . Uncle Harold spoke so loud , poppa jumped up and said I am here what do you want , poppa forgot he was at church , aunt Jeannie we laugh , poppa sit down , Jonny said he bet poppa went back to sleep , Uncle Harvey did not wake up .
    Aunt Jeannie , we went shopping today we had fun , we went to the pizza parlor in the mall , we asked daddy for some money to buy us a slice of pizza pie . Daddy said ask your mama , Sha said daddy you know mama do not have any money , daddy said well tell your mama to get a job . Sha looked at me and I said daddy you tell mama to get a job , daddy starting laughing and said little woman I am not crazy and I do not want my butt spank and he was to old to run .
    Daddy joys at home or at the gym at the hotel , he helps our sensi in karate , mama told him he was going to get fat , daddy said more for her to hug .
    Aunt Jeannie we are sending you a Easter post , I will tell daddy to have it post tomorrow .
    daddy brought us chocolate Easter Bunnies , we hid them from mama , she will bite the ears off . Sha say mama is looking for them , she will not find them , daddy brought her one and she bite the ears off and the rest is in the refrigerator , mama say we can have it . MeMa said mama always bite the ears off the bunnies .
    Poppa stayed home today , he made his punch , we will all eat together at the barn Sunday , that will be fun . the bid kids will have to clean up and the ladies will put the food away . I am glad we are are using paper plates and cups . Mama will tell us to go and relax the grownups will do it . Mama is so sweet .
    Thank you very much aunt Jeannie and I love you very much , tell uncle Brian we all love him and Nana .
    Your Crusader

    1. Hello my dear Crusader,
      Thank you so much for your get well wish and I will really enjoy Easter this year. Even though the weather sucks big time. I don't have to cook anything and Shayne and Jordan brought me a beautiful gift and Easter card. It was a real surprise. I don't have to be Easter Bunny any more. The kids are taking over.
      I laughed so hard at your story about Poppa in the church. You know he and Uncle Harvey will go to sleep this year too. Uncle Harold can Yell his lungs out and it won't bother them too much. Get Uncle Harold a bull horn. That might work better.
      Your daddy loves to pull your leg and tease you girls. He's a real joker. He probably will tease you all your life and mama too. Enjoy it. Not all daddies are so much fun.
      Maybe mama bites the ears off the bunnies so they can't hear anything and won't get scared. She doesn't want them to know that you guys are going to eat the rest of them.
      You will have a great party at the barn. Your family knows how to throw an awesome party. One day I will make some of that punch and see how my family likes it.
      I told Uncle Brian you love him and he smiled and said Thank you. I will tell Nana too. It will make her day. Thank you for the beautiful card and verse...we both loved it.
      Have a spectacular Easter and I hope the suns shines for you.
      Lots of love and a bear hug
      Aunt Jeannie

  8. Jeannie ,
    A very happy Easter to you and your family .
    Baby said you was on the mend it was slow going . I hear you have more contact with your grandsons , dad told me , as I told baby , you can't keep a good lady down , is it not so ?
    Thanks for caring about my kids .
    Happy Easter .

    1. Hello Gil
      I am better thank you. I have lots of contact with my boys now and more all the time. My daughter has come around to my way of thinking( almost )and we are good friends again. I guess sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling and hope for the best.
      I wish you and your family a Happy Easter and hope the rain stays away. Thanks for the compliment,


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