Friday, November 30, 2012

Cubs and Friends




  1. Aunt Jeannie ...we are having so much fun watching the videos and the movies I like the christmas songs , we watch them this morning we went to the stop to get food eloise nancy got food we got our cart . we put the food up and did our chores and mama lets us watch all day , we can not go out side it is raining . my cousins is watching with us , they stay all night .I like all the videos mr chicken is so funny . Mama say you have snow .Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos I love you very much catch all the kisses and hugs and lot of flowers .

  2. Aunt Jeannie , I am having a lot of fun watching the videos , we watch mr chicken to times and it is so funny , the boys had fun watching do not look under the bed we sing with the video christmas songs we know them all and it is fun . Poppa said the video the baby fighting for kisses is just like man when he was little . Jenny said poppa my baby is still little . my cousins told daddy they want to thank you and daddy said go for . daddy is so funny .Jerry is watching with us with aunt Mae . eloise nancy is out shopping , poppa told them to bring him a lady back mama roll her eyes and said poppa please you are so bad . daddy said baby that is not news . I thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and I am sending you some mint kisses with lots of hugs kisses on a rainbow of sweet stuff I love you very much .

  3. Aunt Jeannie , I am watching movies and singing I can dance . What you doing ,hug hug kiss kiss by by I love you very much.

  4. Aunt Jeannie , all the videos are good . We watch this morning , we had to go to the store to buy food , mama told daddy he better not lose her baby .The baby fighting for kisses is so funny we are watching mr. chicked again and next do not look under the bed , mama said our cousins can stay over so we will have a lot of fun .
    Aunt Jeannie daddy got a letter today from mr. Edwards and he said he would not be back and he wrote letters to all the other members . He was not in the room when the bell ring for us to go home . I hope mr.Edwards will be happy , he did not fit in with the other teachers , he was a little dumb , daddy told me not to say that , aunt Jeannie he was dumb.
    Poppa said it is best he left so he can be happy , poppa said the mama and daddy was going to beat his musty butt . a lot of mama and daddys was mad , daddy would not let mama go back to talk to mr. Edwards . Aunt Jeannie mama said you had snow , we have rain . Thank you so very much for the videos and I love you very much hugs and kisses coming your way on the wings of a dove . Love you

  5. Chris III , Sheryl , BubbaDecember 1, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    Aunt Jenny , we watch the videos and movies with our cousins and have a great time , aunt nee takes us with her when they go on vacation we have so much fun . I am in the same grade as Jonny , my sister Sheryl is in the room with Sha and my little brother Bubba is in the frist grade , my gramps is aunt Nee brother and we stay next door . My sister and brother say hello and we love you too , we are polar bear Cubs . Love from Chris III Sheryl and Bubba to aunt Jaennie

  6. Jeannie ,
    You collected 3 more kids .

    I enjoyed Celine Dion , have some of her recording , beautiful voice . Remembered Mr . Chicken with Don Knotts , it brought back fond memories .

    It seems as if Jenny teacher resigned , He sent a letter to all the board members , couldn't face his peers face to face (coward), all's well that ends well , dad said good riddance to a bad seed . We have some good substitute teachers to choose from . Members said we will start interviewing on the 5th ,we will have a teacher in place by the 1st (smiling hopefully)

    Hope you & your family is well . Stay away from the coyores .

    Thank you for caring about my kids .

  7. Hi Jonny,
    I am so glad I put the videos on for you today. A rainy day is the best time to watch them. It's even more fun when you have your cousins there.
    I think shopping isn't such a bad chore but putting all the stuff away is boring.It's good to get all the chores done early then the whole day belongs to you.
    I bet it's fun when your cousins stay over night. Do you all have sleeping bags on the floor?
    Mr Chicken is such an old movie, your dad saw it when he was a kid.
    But if it is funny, it doesn't matter how old it is.
    I will look for some good Christmas music. Then you can listen to it and I can listen to it up here in Canada.
    I love Christmas. Right now we have snow and we sure love snow at Christmas.It is really cold...cold enough to build an igloo. But the weatherman is saying that it will warm up next week. Global warming sure is strange.
    Maxy loves to dig in the snow. The problem is it's hard to see him out there because he is white too. I'll have to make him wear his red hat when I take him out so I don't lose him.
    Thankyou for my kisses and hugs and I love flowers so much.
    Lots of love and chocolate kisses from Aunt Jeannie

  8. Dear Sha,
    Mr Chicken is very old. I used to watch it with my kids. I always felt sorry for him but he sure was funny.
    I liked the Ninja baby. He could fly with 'toot'power. If tooting could really make you fly, Maxy would be flying all over the house.
    When Man was a really little baby I remember mama telling me you and Jenny dragged him all over the house on a towel. It's hard to believe he was so small when you look at how big he is now.

    I am glad Jerry like our videos too.I hope they make him laugh.
    I will be happy to talk to your cousins I bet you all have so much fun when they are over.
    Poppa always makes jokes. He makes me laugh all the time.He likes being bad.
    I hear that it is a rainy day there.At least you can stay nice and cozy and watch movies. it is very cold here and my feet are numb from standing outside with Maxy.
    I have to do some more Christmas shopping tomorrow so I better dress very warm, maybe two coats, three hats and four pairs of socks. Is that too much? Hahaha!

    Well goodbye pretty girl and thankyou for my mint kisses and hugs and rainbow of sweet stuff.
    I am sending you a Christmas tree covered covered in golden kisses and red hearts that light up.

    Lots of love Aunt Jeannie.

  9. Hi Man,
    I am sure you are a good singer and dancer. Do you know "Jingle Bells"? Can you still do the polar bear dance? You will have to teach me how to dance.
    Right now I am building a snowman and I put two M&M's for his eyes and a carrot for his nose.

    Lots of hugs and kisses and a big stocking full of M&M' Aunt Jeannie

  10. Dear Jenny,
    I am so glad Daddy didn't lose Man again. Mama really would have had a fit this time. I think she would have talked him crazy for a long time. Hahahaha!
    I liked that baby too. He made me laugh.I liked Mr Chicken also he is very funny. I love Ghost stories but Uncle Brian won't let me watch them. He doesn't understand that scary movies are so much fun.
    I bet you have a lot of laughs with your cousins.
    Jenny you are so right. Mr Edwards did not fit in with the other teachers or the parents and I am sure he was not a happy guy. I hope Daddy won't be mad at me for saying so, but maybe Mr Edwards was a little bit dumb about trying to fit in and about learning new things.
    When you are grown up you never stop learning things even if you think you are the smartest guy on earth.
    He will be much happier somewhere else.Some of the other parents were mad at him for a good reason. He made some little kids miss their bus and they had to walk a long way home. It wasn't very responsible of him but I think he learned his lesson. He won't do that again in his new job.
    I bet you two lollipops you will get a really nice teacher this time.
    How come you guys get so much rain? The good news is it makes things grow but the bad news is that it keeps you in the house. We have snow and it is cold as a polar bear's nose. I just hope there is snow on Christmas day. It looks so beautiful.
    Well sweetheart, thankyou for all the hugs and kisses and doves are beautiful birds. Wouldn't it be wonderful to fly like a bird?
    Hugs and kisses wrapped in love in Frosty's magic hat....Aunt Jeannie

  11. Dear Chris, Sheryl and Bubba,
    It is so very nice to hear from you.I am happy to hear you enjoy the videos. It must be a lot of fun to watch them with your cousins and sleep over.

    Chris, you and Jonny are the big brothers. I guess you are eleven also. You probably watch out for the others at school. I know your Grandpa's name is Chris too.

    Sheryl, you and Sha must be good friends if you are in the same class.It is nice to have some family at school.

    I bet you all have so much fun going on vacation with Aunt Nee and her family. I know you went to Reno. That must have been very exciting.

    Bubba, What kind of movies do you like? I will try and find something just for you.

    I am proud of all of you for being Polar Bear Cubs. You are doing a very important job.

    Thankyou for the love. It's a very precious thing to give someone. If you don't mind, I would like to give you some love too. And I would like to give you all a big polar bear hug...Aunt Jeannie.

  12. Dear Gil,
    The Aunt Jeannie Video club is open to open to all kids. Looks like we have a growing membership.

    Don Knotts was an icon. He played the same character in every movie but it was always funny. Too bad he was forgotten so quickly.

    Mr Edwards surprised me. I thought he would brazen it out at the board meeting and take his lumps. Texan are reputed to be tough.

    He obviously thought discretion was the better part of valor.
    He was a square peg in a round hole. From your daughter's own mouth, " He didn't fit in with the other teachers and he was a little dumb".
    He was also grossly irresponsible.
    You had no choice but to deal with that.
    For sure you need a teacher who is more child friendly and conscientious. There are still some of those.

  13. PS: The coyotes won't stay away from us. Maxy is a marked pooch. They are waiting for the right moment.
    I can still kick some coyote butt...HA!


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