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  • PG
  • Genre: Family and Kids
  • 2006

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    Common Sense Media says

    Frightful fun for tweens and up.
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    Parents need to know this is a pretty scary movie, and the last 20 minutes, in particular, take a turn for the dark. With windows like eyes and a flying carpet that unfurls tongue-like out the front door to scoop up trespassers, the house is a wonderfully alive structure. But it's creepy. You don't want your kids waking up in the middle of the night freaked out that their house is going to eat them. Most of the PG content comes from the scariness.



    1. Aunt Jeannie I had fun today watching the videos we got up real early to watch for the mail man mama say we had videos we ate breakfast . I like all of them we will watch the monster house tonight , we love monster movies .
      I got a good report card I got 5 a and 1 b+ and 12 gold stars and 3 silver stars , my teacher put a letter with my card told mama i had the best report card in my class . daddy said son I am so proud of you mama cried and daddy laugh at her . poppa say he had a special present for me . Daddy gave us money so we could by presents daddy said we had special present for under the tree .Aunt Jeannie daddy was happy I was second in my junior class . man got the best card . Thank you for the videos I am sending a lot of hugs and kiss love you very much .

    2. Aunt Jeannie , Mama told us to get breakfast we had a lot of videos and a movie , we was so happy I do not know the one I like best they all are good .Everyone had breakfast so they could watch the videos with us aunt mae laugh so hard that poppa said mae stop laughing before you pee on yourself aunt mae laugh some more .poppa is funny like daddy .
      Aunt Jeannie I got my report card today mama and daddy and poppa is so happy , daddy said baby please do not cry . I got 15 gold starts and 1 silver , mama said it is better than my last one daddy said I can do anything I want to do if I want it bad enough I will get all gold next report time . Jenny and I told daddy we wanted to be just like mama , daddy laugh and said heaven help us all and said go tell your mama to bring me a kiss daddy is so funny .
      Daddy gave me money and said I had a special present under the tree , there is four big presents with our name on them I wish christmas come real fast . I know poppa is getting us a lot of things poppa calls mr. mac and come back with a lot of stuff in boxes and put them in the attice and lock the door .
      we had a lot of fun thanksgivig aunt Than you for the videos and I know you have fun watching them . I am sending you a lot of hugs and kisses on a rainbow , poppa said you like rainbows I do too they are pretty .Thank you anut Jeannie for the videos and I love you very much .

    3. Aunt Jeannie I got my report card daddy gave me money . aunt Jeannie what you doing go some mms . hug hug kiss kiss by by aunt Jeannie I love you .

    4. Aunt Jeannie , we had breakfast and did our chores because mama said we had videos from aunt Jeannie we have to do all our chores everyday if we do not we can not watch videos or play until we do . I got a real good report card I got 14 gold stars for school and 7 gold stars for my meeting Sha and Jonny got silver stars for the meeting , my cousins got 3 silver stars for helping . miss davis said we are getting more schools to help us .mr. edwards is trying to learn and daddy said he may learn something but he do not think it would be very much . Man got 20 gold stars and I told mama he did not go to school and he did not have a teacher , mama said she was his teacher and he go to school with poppa , daddy said now everyone know why they do not listen at me . Daddy gave me money and mama put up the christmas tree today and daddy put some big boxes under it with our name on them we can not wait to open them. we will help mama make cookies next week , we got all the tin out to put them in . poppa is making the fruit cake drunk it smell so good poppa gives us cake at christmas .
      Aunt Jeannie all the vides are good , we have the monster house movie and always love to watch it now we have two , we watch all our movies and videos over and over we never get tired of the good movies and videos .
      Aunt jeannie they are calling me movie night is beginning . Everyone is over here and mama said that she is getting rid of all the leftovers poppa went to the kitchen to get his pecan pie .
      Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies they all are good and daddy put them on the big tv . Sending you a lot of love flowers and candy on a cloud of love and I love you very much kiss kiss love you very much

    5. Jeannie ,
      I'm a very proud dad ,my kids did better than I expected .

      I gave them money for the gold and silver stars ,$5.00 for the gold ,$1.00 for the silver , I was handing out money , Man got in line with his hand out , I gave him a couple of dollars , he showed it to Baby , she sent him back for more (smiling). I informed her that I wasn't going to give him a $100.00 bucks . I gave Man all the loose change I had ,he gave Baby the bucks , he was one happy little camper (smiling).

      Thank you for caring for my kids .

    6. Dear Sha,
      I am so happy you like the videos.I think you are a bit like me and love animals. But I really enjoyed Monster House.
      I know Poppa and Daddy are funny. They make me laugh too.
      I am so proud of your report card. Sixteen stars altogether!WOW! Don't get too'll become one of those big heads... I'm just teasing you.hahaha!

      Daddy is right, you can be anything you want be in this whole world and that is a lot of choices.
      I think it is wonderful that you want to be like Mama. I think she is a clever and talented lady and knows how to do so many things. I really respect your mama and you couldn't have chosen a better person to be like.
      I bet you are going to get something very special for bringing home such great reports.
      Now don't you go trying to get in that attic. Some secrets are best left for Christmas so that you will have an exciting day and lots of surprises.
      Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday and I will send you some Christmas movies next time.
      I do love rainbows, especially ones covered with hugs and kisses. Thankyou, pretty girl and I am sending you some love and hugs and kisses wrapped in Christmas paper with a big red bow....Aunt Jeannie

    7. Dear Jonny,
      I like Monster House. It's really good. I gave you a few extra videos this week...sort of a Thanksgiving present.
      WOW! What a great report card my man ! 5..A's a B+ and all those stars. Can you believe you got the best report in the class? It's amazing.
      Congratulations! I am very proud of you. I bet your family is so proud they could bust. Of course Mama cried. I could have told you that would happen; hahaha! And you can bet you are going to get some very special presents.

      Naturally Man got more stars than anyone and he thinks it is a real report so he is happy. I wonder what that present under the tree is. peeking.

      I know it is important to you to make Daddy and Mama proud and you sure did it. Well done Buddy, and Maxy says you are almost as smart as him...Lots of love, kisses and hugs in a big Christmas stocking....Aunt Jeannie

    8. Dear Man,
      I know you got a very good report card with lots of stars. That means you are a very smart boy.

      I hope you have a lot of fun spending your money. You can buy some special Christmas M&M's and some nice presents.

      Right now I am sitting on the very top of the Christmas tree with a star on my head and I am eating a big candy cane.

      Big hugs and lots of kisses on a Christmas cookie...Love Aunt Jeannie

    9. Dear Jenny,
      I'm glad you do all your chores like a good kid. I think we should have some Christmas movies next time.
      Boy, you got such a good report Jenny. Congratulations. You made Mama and Daddy very proud. It's wonderful that you all got extra stars for your work with the polar bears. I am so proud of you too.

      Miss Davis is working very hard. She is a good lady. I don't know if Mr Edwards is going to learn much but at least he is trying and that is good...don't you think ?

      Mama gave Man lots of stars to make him feel like a big boy.I know that everyone listens to Daddy..he is just being a big joker.
      Hey, now you have more money to buy Christmas gifts. That's fun.
      Don't go crazy trying to figure out what is in those boxes under the tree. Let it be a big surprise.

      I remember when my mom made Christmas cake and gingerbread men and the house smelled so good.
      Isn't Christmas the greatest time of the year??
      It makes me so happy to know you all have fun watching the videos together on movie night. I would like piece of Poppa's pecan pie.

      Thankyou for my candy and flowers and my cloud of love. I am sending some hugs and kisses wrapped in love with a gold Christmas bow.
      Love..Aunt Jeannie

    10. Dear Gil,
      you sound like a very proud papa.
      Proud as a peacock.
      It is rewarding to see them all doing so well. Just chips off the old block.
      So, the old block better keep doling out the dollars. Don't forget Man got more stars than anyone (legitimate or not).
      He doesn't care for paper money but will accept precious metals, bonds, securities, stock options etc....

      They did great. I would be proud too...Jeannie


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