Saturday, October 8, 2016

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Have a fun birthday party and
a great day
Love from Batman and Aunt Jeannie


  1. Aunt Jeannie , I am having a great birthday party , I got a lot of cool stuff and money .
    mama and daddy gave me a cool bicycle , I got brakes on the handlebars and some gears that will let me go fast or slow .
    Poppa said they was going to make me a member of the Reno Gang , that will be fun .
    Aunt Jeannie , I got a barman costume for Halloween , mama say we have to get them early or they will be sold out .
    Thank you very much for the birthday post , look up here come a piece of my birthday cake . I love you very much.
    Wrote by Sha

  2. Hi Man,
    That bike sounds awesome. I wonder what color it is. You better get a tee-shirt that says Reno Gang on the front to prove you are a proud member. Somehow I knew you might get a Batman costume. I think a little bat whispered it to me. You will look great on Halloween.
    That cake was delicious. Thank you. And you are welcome for the ecard.
    Love Aunt Jeannie

    PS: Thank you Sha


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