Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Will he make it this year ??

I love this cool visualisation of Santa Claus’ Christmas Eve trip around the world as seen from space. Can Santa deliver on his promises this year? The question is tricky, but he's pulled it off every year, so far, in spite of climate change.


  1. Aunt Jeannie , Yes Santa will make it this year , Jenny said Santa has a sleigh and there will be no emission of gas , Man said jenny there will be emission of reindeer poop gas . aunt Jennie , poppa told Man to tell Jenny that he is so funny .
    Sha is having her birthday party on the Saturday before Christmas , Sha is going to be so happy , we told mama and daddy what she wanted ,
    We hope the killing stops and so many people is getting killed for no reason . Daddy talked to his friend in Vancouver to ask about Tyger , she is a cute little girl . my girlfriend has dark hair .
    Aunt Jeannie we hope you are feeling better and will have a good Christmas . Poppa brothers and aunt Mae other kids are here , we think they are the silly side of the family . Uncle Charles son left , we was at school , daddy said he had to leave to take care of some business . we heard aunt Susan and aunt Mae say poppa knock the poop out of him , they did know we was listening . Thank you aunt Jeannie , we all love you very much .
    Wrote by Jonny

  2. Dear Jonny,
    I am still laughing about the reindeer poop gas. That was hilarious.
    It is a fact that if every human and animal stopped farting we could reduce global warming significantly. Methane (contained in butt gas) is about 30 times more potent in heating up the Earth than carbon dioxide. Livestock (cattle - sheep - pigs - reindeers) account for 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. So seven billion humans farting must add a whole bunch to that. That is your lesson on farting for today..hahaha! I wonder if they are discussing this at the climate summit.
    Maybe people who fart too much will be fined. In that case Uncle Brian will probably be put in jail.
    I hope Sha gets her wish. It will be hard to top your birthday present Jonny. I wonder what Sha wants.
    I am glad you are concerned about all the killing in the world. It means that hopefully, your generation will not allow it to happen any more.
    I sure do hope that our Crusader gets to meet the other Crusader. Together they would be dynamite. They would kick some butts at the climate summit. I thought Tyger was pretty cute too.
    I plan on having a super Christmas. I can hardly wait. I hope yours is as great as always.
    So you think Poppas brothers and Aunt Mae's kids are from the silly side of the family...hahahaha
    I think Mama and Daddy might agree with you sometimes. If Poppa knocked the poop out of Charles junior, you can bet he had a good reason but I don't think he really knocked the poop out of him. That would be messy.
    Thank you for your note buddy. I really enjoyed it.(still laughing)
    Lots of love to you and all my cubs,
    Aunt Jeannie


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