Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Big Sister

Happy Birthday Big sister 
A sister is a gift to the heart
A friend to the spirit 
and a golden thread to the  meaning of life .
We love you Sha 
Jonny , Jenny , Man Carano


  1. Jonny , Jenny , ManDecember 13, 2015 at 2:58 PM

    Big sister , we asked poppa to put a birthday post on for you , we wanted you to have one for your special video box we are sorry we did not have it here for your birthday , you can enjoy it now . Daddy will show you how to load it into your cam . Poppa say that look like you and that little boy dancing .
    If we had to pick a sister it would be you . we are very proud to have you as a sister and a very good friend .

    Love you
    Wrote by Jenny

    1. Thank you for caring about me so much . I love the post . Man said he pick out the boy and girl dancing . They are so cute .
      If I had to pick out 2 brothers and a sister , it would be you guys . I will be glad when mama and daddy get home so they can see my birthday post .
      Love all 3 of you
      your big sister

  2. My precious granddaughter ,
    Your brothers and sister wanted you to have a birthday post , it is a little late , I know you will enjoy it and know you have a birthday post also . Your daddy will load it for you when he and your mama get back from paying off at the casino , as you know they left before you all got up .
    So glad you got what you wanted for your special day . Enjoy my special grand .
    Love Poppa

    1. Poppa , I am so very happy , now I have a birthday post to put in my video box . Poppa mama always say it is better late than never .
      I got my special present , daddy is going to teach me how to keep records , I will do lots of pretty things , MeMa said mama started this way , I can build it and help mama with Nanook , daddy said I have to learn about expenses , I know a little , I watch mama .
      Thank you poppa , this post means a lot and you are so sweet I love you a lot .
      Love you Poppa Sha


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