Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

As  the new year going to start , may the good times ,

live on in our memories ,

and may we learn lessons , from the  troubling time . 

That will make  us stronger  

and Better than Ever .

Happy New  Year

'The Genie'  ... Witchy  ... Poppa


  1. Happy New Year Aunty and Genie .
    Thank you Aunty for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog .
    Your sweet niece

    1. Happy New Year to you .
      You are ever so welcome , I want you to know I support you and appreciate you being the the between guy with Kathy .
      Your loving aunty

    2. A very Happy New Year Nee
      I hope it is a Prosperous and healthy one for you and family. Your help is very much appreciated. Your aunty already knows I appreciate her but I'll send her an email anyway.
      Your friend Genie

  2. PS :
    What a lovely Happy New Year post the kids sent Jeannie !!!

    1. It is very lovely , the kids picks out all their photos now , Dad / Gil said they will be able to post them alone.
      They never forget Jeannie ,
      Later Gator


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