Thursday, May 28, 2015

Food for Thought : Lunch

How healthy is  your lunch place ?
Officially , a healthy work place  is  one  where  employees and  managers  work  together  to continually promote the  improvement  of  the health , safety and well being of all workers . Work place  safety p;ans  can address  many aspects  of employee health  such as  the  physical  needs of  the  employees  . 
While  it  is  important  for  employers  to adress  the  overall health  of  employees  . It  is  also  important  for for  employees to take  steps  to  ensure   their  own  health as  well . Here  are  a few  tips  to help you create   a healthy  workplace  for  you and  your  co-workers .

1 .  Start with the  breakroom :
Do people  frequently  bring  less  healthy options  for  everyone  to share ? If  so , take  a step in the  right  direction  by  bringing  healthier  options  for  others .  Fruits , vegetables  and  nuts  are  great options .

2 .  Take  healthy  breaks  :
Walk around  your  office  or  office  building .  Use  break  time  and  part  of  your  lunch  time  to  get some  physical activity . You will be  healthier  and  more  productive .

3 .  Take  a look at  lunch :
Do you eat  lunch out  or  bring  your  lunch  ? If  you frequently eat lunch out  of  the  office  , take  an inventory  of  the  places  available . Get copies  of  their  menus  and  search online  or  ask  the  restaurant   for  the  nutrition facts . Use  this  information  to make  a healthier  choice  before  you order .

4 .  Look  for  habits : 
If  you frequently  purchase  items  from  the  vending  machine  , you may want  to consider  keeping  healthier  options  on hand  for  snacks .

Words of  Wisdom 
“Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!” 

"The human mind is very limited in that it can only ponder its current perception of reality and cannot stretch very far beyond what it 'thinks' it knows." 

"Productivity completely depends on a person’s will power as only people capable of utilizing their complete potential will be able to attain productive gains." Brian Adams, 

"Be curious about what’s going on around you, as well as within you. Learn about your emotions, your sensations, your thoughts and fears, and accept them as an integral part of yourself." 

"Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don't hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people."

A proud grand-poppa                     G.


  1. Poppa , your lunch post is very important to working people . All the people that work at the hotels with casinos has their own lunchrooms and eat for free , they have good food , daddy took us there to eat once and we had roast beef and ham , it was so good .
    Emil says they cook the food ... they cook breakfast , lunch and dinner and the employees serve it in the canteen and they fix food for the 3rd shift . Emil said that is why a kitchen is cooking all the time .
    Poppa , will you show the other side of Poppa's Herb Garden , where the restaurant is . Mama showed us how to click on the picture and it came up by itself and you can see how nice it is , we learned that when you put the kitchen on .
    Poppa we love your quotes and we love you very much .

    Wrote by Sha

    1. Hello my dear sweet cubs all 10 of you ,
      It makes me happy to know you and the others are taking an interest i different tings and your surrounding .
      Yes , there is a lunchroom for all the employees at all the hotels with casinos and their meals is free . The reason for that is the employees only has an hour for lunch and a well fed employees is a happy employee also they can eat and relax and be back on the job on time . That is what all the hotel casino resorts do over the world .
      Yes I will show the other side as soon as I find a post that will fit .

      You all of you love my quotes , I see you guys has been raiding your daddy's library for his books on quotes that is where I get mine from (laughing my butt off).
      The extra kitchen that is beside Poppa and Emil is where they cook all the employees food and bus it to the canteen . You daddy go there to eat when he is working in Human

      Resourses and so do the people that work in Human Resouses and hotel , if they are an employee that is where they eat .
      I do so love all of you so very much .
      Wrote by Poppa

  2. G.
    What a lovely lunchroom Poppa's Herb Garden is . are you going to show the restaurant so people can see how well they compliment each other . Nee did a great job on combining them together . Emil and Nita is quite pleased with the outcome , takeout or eat in , what a great combination and the staff work so good together .
    Great job G . and Harvey said he and Larry helped you .

    1. Dear Jean and Harvey ,
      I agree with you Nee did a great job and everyone is so please with the outcome . Now she is working on the Bistro for Edmond , he should be here next month with his family , we are hitting for an August opening .
      Some of their things was shipped and in storage , when he get here my little family will be complete and Sal will be happy .
      Emil said it was great for business and the serving line close at 6PM but the salad bar remains open until Emil close .
      Yes Harvey and Larry helped me boss , we had fun .
      Thank you my dear Jean


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