Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Happy Birthday Jenny!!
Love from Aunt Jeannie
& Uncle Brian


  1. Aunt Jeannie ,
    Daddy is playing mama this week while mama work and told me I had a birthday greeting from you and uncle Brian .
    I love my birthday post to pieces the baby bear is just to cute and the mama loves her babies so much .
    Aunt Jeannie , I am 11 years old today , I will have my party Saturday and daddy will have his party Saturday night , the cubs will be upstairs . Nita is paying us to babysit Lynn, she is a good baby we love to keep her .
    Aunt Jeannie I have little jugs mama bought me some bras , daddy shakes his head and say we are turning his hair white . Poppa laughs and say not so son , Nee is turning your hair white and poppa slaps his legs and laughs until tears roll down his cheeks.
    Jonny debate team will not have to debate until May they are so many points ahead .
    Aunt Jeannie we hope you feel better soon and you can enjoy the nice weather when it get there .
    I will share my birthday post with my brother and sister they did not get one , you had things going on then that is what poppa said , we share our love with each other .
    Sammy and Jakey had a birthday this month , mama said it was the 4 April and yours is the 19 and one of your daughters is the 29 if she remember right .
    I will go to middle school next school year , we have lots of cousins to look after Man and Bubba and CC and Brown Baby , my teacher told me I will be valedictorian and she wanted me to know in time I can get my speech together . Aunt Jeannie , I ask daddy how to spell it and he said look it up , I said daddy if I do not know how to spell it how can I look it up and daddy said sound it out and I did , daddy say it will stay with me longer if I sound it out .
    Aunt Jeannie Sha is a little lady now and we asked daddy how he feel about Sha being a little lady and daddy said old , but we will always be his little women . Daddy is so funny .
    I thank you so very much and hope you feel better real soon .
    Sending you a lot of love kisses and hugs .
    Love you

  2. Howdy Jeannie ,
    I called you tonight , I left a message on your voice mail ... I will give you a call tomorrow to say hello and how are you .
    We are real busy and I am helping out at HR , I get home at 8:PM my time , I will give you a call about 9-9:30PM my time .... if you are unavailable I will leave a voice message and try at a later date . Hope you are feeling better . Your friend and partner .
    Love you girl .... NEE

    1. Howdy partner,
      I got your message and look forward to hearing from you. How come you are working so much lately? I am just laying here, doing nothing but getting fat, so I am available.
      Feeling a lot you too girl,
      Double broke back Genie

  3. Dear Jenny,
    I am so happy you liked the birthday card. I had to get some help with it but it came out nicely. I am happy you shared it with your brothers and sister. Eleven is only two years away from being a teen-ager. I know you are an awesome little lady like Sha. I bet your family is very proud of the way you are turning out. Your party is going to be humongous fun. My family is giving me a party this Saturday also. I am looking forward to it very much. My birthday is on the eighteenth and my daughter Jane's is on the thirteenth, so they give one big party for both of us.
    You take care of those little jugs sweetie. You only get two and they have to last you all your life.
    I think you, Sha and your mama are all turning daddy's hair white...poor daddy. But you will always be his little women, no matter how old you get.
    I can't wait to hear how the debates are going. It is pretty exciting stuff. I really think our team is going to be the champs this year.
    Poppa was right...since last September, I have had so much going on, my head is still spinning like a top. I haven't been able to talk to my online friends or cubs hardly at all. But right now I am doing nothing; it's so boring. I hurt my back, and before it got better, I hurt it again. So now I have to lie on a hard bed with a back brace on, which looks like an old lady's girdle. I think I will draw cartoons on it to make people laugh. I love to make my friends laugh.
    I am allowed to get up to walk a bit with my two sticks, a few times a day, but can't sit at the computer for long. So I will leave you now my Crusader, thank you for your get well wishes.
    Love, hugs and kisses back at you, Aunt Jeannie


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