Thursday, April 30, 2015

Food for Thought : Stress

April and  May is  Stress awareness Months . While  stress is unavoidable , managing  it  is necessary  to stay healthy  and happy . The stress  of  short-term frustrations  , such as  traffic  jams , as well as life  events , such as illness or  death in the family , have  an effect  on our  body  and  our health . Although outwardly we we may seem to handle stress  well , some of the changes happening inside our body can create  negative effects on our  health . Our bodies  release hormones , such as  cortisone , that can raise our blood pressure  and  blood sugar . These  hormones  can also  increase our  appetite  which send  us  searching  for  high-fat and  high-sugar foods  , and  they can also increase  our  fat stores .  Here  are  a few tips  to help you manage  your stress in a healthy way :

1. Eat smaller  meals  and  do not  skip meals :
Going  more than 5 hours  without  food  duting  wasking  hours  can contribute  to fatigue  , low  concentration  and  headaches . These  can  all be  a problem  when you are stressed  or  trying to concentrate more on  decisions  and taskes.

2 .Avoid fast-foods and processed foods when you are stressed :
Although it can be more  difficult  to eat healthy  when you are  extra  busy or  have  added  responsibilities , it is  important  to make  good nutrition  a priority . These  foods are usually high in sodium  and  fat which  cam make  you feel  bloated  and  fatigued . 

3 .  Avoid  having to much  caffeine :
While it  may give you  an immediate pick-up , you will most likely  experience  a drop n energy  later in the day . Caffeine  can also  disruft  your  sleep cucles and  prevent  you from  getting  the rest you need  during periods  of  high stress . 

4 .  Consider  taking  a multi-vitamin :
While  most of the time  you can get  all of  the  vitamins  and  minerals  you need  through  the  food  you eat , there  may be  times  when a general multi-vitamin  can be helpful . Talk to  your  physician  or  dietian  regarding  your  need  for   a supplement . And remember  to always take  vitamins  exactly  as prescribed  . Taking  more  than prescribed  is  not  always  beneficial or  safe .
Words of Wisdom :

“A book is not just a collection of words, it is a perception portrayed on blank sheets. You know, getting you the feelings of blowing winds and rains and sun and flowers around, the smiles, the tears, the notional links with the characters and make them all alive, while you read. And that's sure as hell a grueling task !” 

“Life is filled with opportunities. Be courageous and fulfill your destiny. You were created for a purpose and once you realize your potential, you become unstoppable. Let no one get in the way of you pursuing your dreams.” 

“Many are never satisfied. They always want more ; and then when they get more, they are still not content. I think mostly because they are trying to keep up with others. You have to live within your means or you'll find yourself trying to dig your way out of a hole. Whatever is meant for you is for you. Don't lose yourself trying to live another's life” 

“Mother Nature has in its nature of bringing and bonding living creatures of same nature and the duration of their staying together depends purely on the similarities among their intrinsic characters. Only in case of non-living things, it has endowed the power of attraction between opposite features and its example is positively charged cations and negatively charged anions.” 

“It’s so easy and convenient to buy our children gifts, but I encourage and challenge you to give them gifts that TRULY matter! The gift of unconditional love. The gift of encouragement. The gift of support. The gift of friendship. The gift of communication, understanding, and patience. The gift of guidance and support. The gift of quality time. And the gift of loving them for who THEY are. Material things are nice, but NOTHING compares to genuine love! Parenting should be taken seriously.”

A proud grand-poppa       G.


  1. Poppa , Chris and I showed your stress post to our homeroom teacher today , she said May is really stressful for teachers and parents and kids , the last month of school . One more month poppa Chris and I will be in the 8 grade and Jenny will be here with us . We are going to wipe the floor with them tomorrow . Jenny is practicing her speech and daddy say it is getting better , Jenny give Man cookies to listen to her . Poppa we will tell you what mama did when Jessie came here and asked Eloise to come cook for her , Eloise looked at her and said lady have you lost the little sense you had , Jessie said she was going to tell mama Eloise talked back to her , poppa it will be so funny because mama do not care if Eloise slap her . MeMa told uncle Dan to tell Jessie not to come down here , because mama is mad at the way Jessie treated aunt Susan . Poppa do you think mama will stress Jessie out . We love your post and we love you poppa .
    Wrote by Jonny

    1. It pleases me to know your teacher liked it and I hope she takes some of the advice it will help a lot to ease her stress at school .
      I waited until now to respond to your comment , I wanted to see how the debate would turn out .
      Yes you guys surely wiped the floor with them today .
      I bet next time Jessie visits she will know how to act . I do so think MeMa is about fed up with Jessie and messing with Eloise and Susan was your mama last straw .
      I think your mama will do more than stress Jessie out (laughing my butt off).
      Man is a smart little guy and Jenny speech is very good , you daddy told her to rest it a week and just think about it and just jot down her ideas . We all are so very proud of your team , keep up the good work .

  2. G.
    This post really for everyone young and old , Gil brought me a scrapbook of your editorials in the Reno Times (you are an old hand at this ) I think you are a good columnist writer .

    I thank you for the article on Jack Binion when he teamed up with the Eldorado to raised $10,000 for autism . Boy , did I get a lot of comments and they all were positive (You guys go back a long way together) .
    Jack and Gil looked so nice on TV and with the check they held up was just wonderful and great help in the research of autism . It was a nice touch to invite 200 VIPs from around the country . (also nice was the plates for $1,000)
    Your last word of wisdom is so true , kids would grow into better adults if we go back to raising our kids with love instead of material things .
    Keep up the good work , I am here if you need someone to bounce your posts off .

    1. Hello my dear Joanna ,
      Do that mean you enjoyed them , that was a long time ago and I had gotten rusty , but with your help I am coming back .
      I was so happy to give you the article , your column reach all North Louisiana , East Texas and Oklahoma and a lot of people will see what they can do to help raise money for Autism .
      That was the money for walking and Gil Jack matched the check .
      There was 200 VIPs invited to have dinner with Jack that money also went to Autism and Diabetes Foundations .
      I think your daddy (Jon) would be proud to see how he raised his kids and they are trying to raised theirs the same way , well most of you are trying (laughing my butt off) well you can't win them all .
      Thanks Joanna for being there .

  3. Mr . G .
    Paul was so happy when I told him we was going to comment , it was so funny when Paul went into Miss. Nee and your bathroom and saw all the towels in the bathtubs , he was so nervous and hid from her all day . He said he put the towels up neatly and I showed him again how to fold them and stacked them , I told him Miss. Nee did all of us that way until we got it right . Mr. G. you talk about fun , Mr. Sal is a pistol and so much fun and the stories he tells will make you laugh until your sides hurt .
    Paul want to comment each week and I told him he could
    As Miss Nee say see you later gator .

    1. Jerry and Paul,
      I think Paul is just happy period .
      I thank you for showing him the ins and outs of how Nee like things .
      The kitchen and bathrooms is a must keep clean , the rest of the house just pick up your stuff when you are finish .
      I am waiting when we go fishing , he will enjoy that , Jerry show him the ropes and he will do fine .
      Paul you are doing a terrific job and anything you do not understand just ask .After all you are part of the family .
      See you all here next week .


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