Thursday, April 23, 2015

Food for Thought : Proper Nutrition Needed for Physical Activities

Spring  is  here  and  many of  us  are  ready to  get outdoors  and  get active .  You  don't  have  to look far  for  a  local  5K  jogging  run or  some  other  community  sport this  time  of  year . Additionally , marathons , adventure  aces  and  triathlons  are  becoming  more  proper  too . Successfully  completing  one  of  these  adventures  takes  hard-work , dedication  and  of  course , proper  nutrition . If  you have  one  of  these  in your  sights  , make  sure  that  you have  the  proper  fuel to get you through . Here  are  a few  tips  to help you successfully  fuel  your  spring  workouts :

1 . Staying hydrated  is  important , but  you can overdo it .  The  color of your urine  is  one  of  the best indicators of  hydration  status . It  should  be  colorless  or  light  yellow , if  you are  well-hydrated  . Water  is  best  choice  for  hydration .

2 .  If  your  activity  is  less than one  hour ,  you likely  will not  need any specialized energy or  electrolyte replacements  such as  sports  drinks  or  glucose  products .

3 .  Deciding  what to eat  before  an  event  can be  a bit  tricky  . For  short events , such as  a 5K jog  ,  you most likely  do not  need  to do anything  special , other  than eating  a light  breakfast  . For  longer  distances ,  you may need  to refuel  during  the  event .

4 .  Understanding  that everyone's metabolism  and  digestive  system  work a  little  different , You should  never  try out  a new  product  , supplement  or  food  just  before  or  during  an  event . Make  sure  you test  how  your  body  reacts  to these  and  how  these  products  help  your  performance  during  training .

5 .  As always , check  with your  doctor  before  starting  any complex  exercise  routine  and  your  dietitian  for  information  on your  nutritional  needs . 

Words of  Wisdom :

Think about it. Everything you really, Really, REALLY want requires risk. There are no exceptions. Whether it’s a healthier body, a bigger income, a better career, or a stronger marriage, you can’t get any of those things by just hoping they’ll happen. You have to do something

You can give yourself over to wholesome aspirations, letting them carry you along with resolve and passion, staying true to your own North Star without straining and stressing along the way. You can be prudent, love others, rise in your chosen work, and nurture our planet without feeling like there’s a stick at your back.

Walk your path in reverence for humanity and life. No one's journey is easy or free of fears, no matter what it looks like on the surface. It's remarkable and lovely to feel the humbleness of making a real difference, large or small, versus a "See! I'm-special!" trap of the frightened ego-aspect. Ask yourself often what it is you want to contribute while you're here, what you want your personal legacy to be, even if it's a silent, less-obvious one.

To all those people and organizations who want to cut back on their education and motivation, you would be well advised to listen to the words of the great philosopher Aristotle. Even though he penned these words more than 2000 years ago, they still ring true today. He said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” In other words, it may cost you some time and money to keep on learning, but the results are always worth it.

A proud grand-poppa                  G.


  1. Poppa , we are so happy we can write on your posts again . Daddy is walking with us Saturday we will have so much fun and meet people .
    We are so glad school will be out soon we will have so much fun .
    Forgot poppa everyone thanks you for their presents . we love you so much , poppa we laugh at Paul when uncle Sal hide from him . uncle Sal is so funny .
    We love yo poppa .
    wrote by Jonny

    1. Hello my Grands ,
      Yes you can write once again and I will tell you all after a few weeks how I am doing .
      Tell everyone they are welcome and it was my pleasure , the guys said it was so sweet of everyone to give them a thank you note . I got a kick out of Man and Bubba's thank you , they said they wrote it by themselves . I know one of you wrote it for them and they copied it .Paul has a lot t learn if he's going to keep up with that old guy .
      I love all of you .

  2. G. we are glad to be back , we read you every week and they was great . We miss Sal we can see him whenever we want to , he's only across the street , Lottie says he is over here now with Paul and Jerry , they left Mae and Susan at the gatehouse flirting with the guards . Those two was bad enough and now they have added Sal to the mix .
    Good post G .

    1. Hello Jean and Harvey ,
      Glad t have you back , thank you for reading me each week .
      I think it's best for Sal to be over here , He is happy and running with Mae and Susan and Larry son is coming to get him next week , we was surprised Larry stayed this long he miss his grands , I know how that is .
      Tell Harvey Gil , Chris and I are going to Sam's Town tomorrow night , you know Gil has to ask his boss . (laughing my butt off).
      Thank you ever so much .

  3. Dear G .
    Interesting and much needed post , all your posts should make people stop and think .
    Everyone will be happy when you tell us how your survey went . I ask Nee but she didn't or won't tell me anything just laughs and say you know dad . Of course we know what a pain in the butt you are but we love you all the same .
    See you in the funny papers .

    1. Joanna ,
      My dear sweet lady , Sal can teach those youngsters a trick or two .Jerry had a great time in Reno and Vegas , Mac gave him some pointers and Paul will work out quite well . Paul is learning quite well here and Jerry is showing him the ropes , especially how Nee want the towels put up in the bathrooms . Sal is so happy with his new home and I will be forever grateful to Chris for getting it done so fast . Sal may put us down to hang out with Mae and Susan .

      I seen one of your columns and was quite impressed , you write so well and I would like to use some from time to time if you don't mind . The ones about what's happening in here .
      Thank you my dear lady .


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