Friday, June 29, 2012

Monkey Movies

This one is for Man
Love Aunt Jeannie

This Movie is a long one Monkeys.
Better save it for 'Movie Night'
It's two and a half hours


  1. Aunt Jeannie thank you so much for the videos we love annoying orange , the oranges are always funny everyone likes man video . hope you are feeling better and I love you . Hugs and kisses to my special aunt .

  2. Aunt Jeannie , thank you for the videos , mama say we are having a heat wave so we stay inside and help mama . we help mama test the food , the pictures are very pretty but the food taste better .
    Mama said you feel much better now it is so nice to hear .
    Sending you a lot of kisses and some hugs to keep you cool when it is hot . A lot of love aunt Jeannie thank you .

  3. Hey aunt Jeannie I am watching my gummibar movie , what you doing I sending you some kisses and a big hug from a big boy kiss kiss hugg hug by by aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie , mama said you was feeling much better , we are having a lot of fun watching the videos , we have to stay on the inside when it is very hot and the videos is real nice , sometime we go over to uncle chris and watch videos with our cousins aunt Anita makes good snacks .aunt Jeannie we will watch the witch movie tonight Friday is our movie night , we all loved the talking dog and cat poppa watch them with us . Lots of love coming your way some hugs to I love you very much and my cousins love you to . Kisses ans hugs your favorite little crusader

  5. Jeannie,
    My kids waited until I returned home this evening to show me they did it all by themselves , boy kids sure grow & learn fast .

    I told dad where there is hope , his plans can proceed just delayed for a time , things are just in the air at this time (Mae).

    You hit movie night on the head (smiling) I daresay most summer nights is movie nights for my bunch (7 total) I enjoy every moment .
    Thank you

  6. Dear Jonny,
    You are so welcome. Annoying Orange really is very annoying but he is funny so you don't mind too much.
    I kind of liked the talking animals. We had a poodle called Scruffy who could talk. He could say 'hello' and 'out' and he could dance on his hind legs.He used to amaze people.
    I will send more next week.
    Love you too Buddy. A big hug for my special nephew.

  7. Dear Sha,
    Mama is always right. It is better for you to stay out of that heat. The sun can be mean sometimes.
    I love testing recipes and licking the bowl if it is cakes or cookies.
    Mama is a good cook and she can teach you too if you are interested.
    You are welcome for the videos. I hope you like the movie about the witch. I thought it was pretty good.Thankyou for all the kisses and hugs . They sure do make me feel better.
    Lots of love back at you Princess.
    Aunt Jeannie

  8. Hey Man,
    I am happy you like GummyBear. I like his songs. They are good to dance to.
    Right now I am riding my horse and chewing bubble-gum.
    I got my big boy kisses, thankyou.
    Oh, and I just got my hugs too.

    I am sending a big Aunt Jeannie kiss and hug for my big boy.

    Bye Man...Love Aunt Jeannie

  9. Hi Favorite Crusader,
    I am doing good.I love to hear that you are having fun. I liked the talking dog and cat video too.
    I am going to send you a couple about some very clever parrots.

    I sure hope you like the Witch movie. If you like fairy tales I know you will like this movie. It has a talking animal too.

    I am glad Aunt Mae got to watch the movie too. It must be pretty boring for her to have to keep her leg up all the time. I know Poppa likes watching movies with you. He is a funny guy and he makes me laugh.

    I will try to find a good movie for your next movie night.

    Lots of love and a big bear hug for you...Love Aunt Jeannie

  10. Dear Gil,
    It is so very satisfying to see your kids learning and progressing. They are so bright they seem to pick up the technical stuff with ease.
    Our thirteen year olds are wizards with the computer. They make me feel dumb.

    I hope you can give your family some kind of holiday, even if it is closer to home. Kids are just excited to go anywhere.
    I hope Mae is feeling much better.It must be very tedious for her.

    I am so happy you enjoy the videos with the kids. I haven't watched The Chronicles of Narnia all the way through but it seemed appropriate and Disney is a pretty safe bet.

    See you in the funny papers...Jeannie


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