Thursday, April 19, 2012

Polar Bear Cubs : 'NEWS'....By Jenny

This article is an oral composition given by Jenny, an eight year old and my favorite crusader for the endangered polar bear. She is also very aware of the role climate change plays in the survival of the bears and other endangered species. Each month Jenny gives a composition accompanied by images and videos to her class. She calls her group Polar Cubs and is assisted in her efforts by her sister Sha and her brothers Jonny and Man.  Often parents sit in to listen also. She is making an impact on her community.
Are you as aware or as passionate as this little girl about endangered species and about saving our planet?  Very well done Jenny. I am so proud to be your Aunt Jeannie.

Good afternoon Polar Cubs and all grownup visitors .
First I want to thank my Aunt Jeannie  in Canada she send mama a lot of stuff about the polar bears , now she send me some to share with you , Aunt Jeannie  writes Nanook letters for him  daddy say Nanook can not write because he has paws .Now let get down to the business at hand .We will watch some videos and a short movie after I share with you some things .Ontario has the largest population of polar bears that is where my Aunt Jeannie  live , there is about 20,000 bears left  so you see why we need to get busy .Climate change is the greatest threat  to polar bears , because the sea ice is melting very fast and the polar bears depend on the ice for hunting .Polar bears needs 5 pounds of blubber a day to survive , their favorite thing to eat is seals  they hunt on the sea from November to the summer months  in Ontario where Aunt Jeannie live. Aunt Jeannie told mama  some very mean people kill the baby seals for their skins and leave them there . Why do they do that , meanness , mama said , I giggle because mama was so mad she said everything on earth had a reason to be here , we had no reason to kill more than we need to eat .
Summer , polar bears eat kelp, grasses and berries , they slow down their metabolism and live on their fat stores they remain inactive 80% of time to save energy like people do at home  turn the lights off when not in use .
Mating occurs in April and May , I asked daddy what was mating  and he said it was when the daddy polar bear put the baby polar bear in the mama bear oven she bakes it and when the baby is done the mama bear pops the baby bear out, mama look at him and roll her eyes and said Gil please can you do better than that  daddy said baby I do not know what the mama bear do , I am a guy bear. I asked mama and she said  just go with what your daddy said , my daddy was laughing so hard , daddy is so funny . 
Female polar bears delay the implantation of the fetus until she gains enough weight then she enters a maternity den in October . Cubs are born after 2 months . Polar bears mostly have twins at birth a cub weighs about 1 pound   their eyes is closed at birth  they have a fine layer of hair on their bodies . Cubs feed on their mother milk  the mother weans the cubs at 1 year of age they leave the den in February  the cubs stay with their mama until they are 2 years old  and learn how to survive in the harsh artic .
One more thing before we watch the videos and movie , junior cubs  tell your parents and grandparents, they can get books and videos and some movies from the library. You can picked a species of your own cause  we can join together mama have a meeting each Friday  you can pick up a paper on your way out , take it home give it to your parents and tell them we need their help because we are only kids and need the grownups help  so we will have a a change to try and fix it .My poppa says everything is connected in one way or another . If there is any questions after the meeting   please ask  my poppa knows everything .
Now I want to thank Aunt Jeannie 
Jenny your Favorite Crusader ,  Kisses & Hugs

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