Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Thank you so much my wonderful cubs
Your card made me so happy
Thank you for  thinking of me as family
Close friends are very hard to find
 And impossible to let go
Much love to you all
Jonny ,  Sha  , Jenny , Man, Chris , Sheryl & Bubba  
Image result for beautiful friend greetings for valentines day
Aunt Jeannie


  1. Aunt Jeannie
    We thank you for the beautiful Valentines card , it is so pretty and the poem is so true , daddy said he bet you wrote that poem just to us .
    We send you love and want you to keep smiling .
    Give uncle Brian a hug and kiss for us we hope he and Nana is feeling better . We love you a bunch .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. You are very welcome cubs.
    I always find things to laugh and smile about. Even a bad day can have it's funny moments. I want all of you to keep smiling and laughing at life too. It's amazing how good you feel when you share some laughter with someone.
    I didn't create that poem but it said exactly what I wanted to say. And it had glitter. I like glitter and flashing lights. hahahaha!
    Nana never says she feels better because she likes it that way. She enjoys nagging about her aches and pains. And I won't kiss Uncle Brian because he has a cold, but I will wave to him from across the room.
    Take care of each other. Love you all.
    Aunt Jeannie


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