Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chicken with Field Pea Succotash -----slow ccoker

You’ll love the simplicity of this Creole Chicken with Field Pea Succotash that you will become full-bodied and deliciously flavored after simmering throughout the day in your slow cooker. This recipe is made even easier by using a few packages of frozen vegetables to help it all come together—frozen field peas, a frozen gumbo mix, and frozen corn can all be tossed right in. Spice it up with a few teaspoons of Creole seasoning that bring just the right amount of heat. Complete the meal by trying this easy side: Drizzle sliced fresh tomatoes with oil-and-vinegar dressing; season with salt and pepper to taste.
 Makes 6 servings             Total time: 5 Hours, 30 Minutes

1       (16-ounce) package frozen field peas with snaps, thawed
1      (10-ounce) package frozen vegetable gumbo mix, thawed
1      (16-ounce) package baby gold and white whole kernel corn, thawed
2      teaspoons chicken bouillon granules
4      teaspoons Creole seasoning, divided
1-1/2       teaspoons paprika
6       skinned, bone-in chicken thighs (about 2-1/2 pounds)

1. Stir together first 4 ingredients and 2 tsp. Creole seasoning in a lightly greased 6-qt. oval-shaped slow cooker.

2. Combine paprika and remaining 2 tsp. Creole seasoning; rub over chicken. Arrange chicken on top of vegetable mixture. Cover and cook on LOW 5 to 6 hours or until chicken is done.
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  1. I'll copy this one out for the twins. I will have to replace the gumbo veg. mix with something they are more familiar with. But they can make it work. They love creole spices or any hot spices, the hotter the better. They are two guys who would really appreciate Louisiana cooking.
    Thanks for all the slow cooker recipes. They are going to a good home where they'll be enjoyed.
    Lotsa luv

  2. You are so very welcome ... I use my slow cooker year round .You can get them some frozen vegetable mix , they have peas / carrots / corn together.
    we call it gumbo mix because it has okra in the mix .

    Love you a lot PIC


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