Friday, January 13, 2017

Funny Owls ... For Man

Some people in Canada have owls as pets. I don't think you are allowed to in the USA. They are birds of prey and the very large ones can be dangerous. But the small ones like barn owls can be tamed and they are very cute. I wouldn't want one because you have to feed them live mice. I would end up keeping the mice as pets too. Enjoy


  1. aunt jeannie the owl can swim in sink , he look lik a wet chickn , we have hoot owls in the tree here and they go hoot hoot at nigh the owls trn ther heads round , poppa got eyes in the back of head we do not have owl as pet it look lik fun to pet them
    daddy put my vide on my box , I show it to lynn , chritmas song start lynn start dancig , poppa say the owl sleep a lot in day daddy let me write it on his comptor by my self , he said it was my post and answr it back to you so you wil know i lik it . aunt jeanie do you fish in your yard do the water go in a lake you have a big yard to play in .
    dady say i wil get bettr , it take time
    aunt jeanie , what you doing , are you geting better , my sisters my brother say hello they want you to feel better so you can have fun plaing in the water they want to help me dady say i have to say my thank you I got 14 gold star 3 siliver star , mama said that was good i like school . I do my chore i help jonny and chris , they say they will hire me and bubba when scool is out .
    aunt jeanie we had new year in the hotel it was fun jonny and chris kiss ther girls happy new year , we like Jackie , her little sister is nice and go to my school she is in the 5 grade
    tank you for the owls look up at the raibow a lot of love just for you get well soon aunt jeanie we love you a lot.

    Jeannie ,
    Boy , was he thrilled to get a post just for him .
    My kids wanted to help him I said no , he has to learn . I reminded them they wanted him to keep up , they taught him to crawl at 6 months I think , about 11 or 12 months he was walking or should I say running ( smiling) .
    Baby is up and getting her strength back , I hope you are doing the same or do Brian have to tie you down like I do baby ?
    Thank you so much for taking time with my kids .
    A very humble father

  2. Hi Man,
    I just learned that pet owls like to float around in warm water. The warm water calms them and makes them feel good. I never knew that before. But I did know they can turn their heads completely backwards. Can you do that? I am happy you saved the video on your box.
    The water in my stream goes down to the river. There are hundreds of little fish in the stream. We have caught lots of them just to look at in a big jar and then we let them go because they are babies.
    I can't believe you got 14 gold stars and three silver ones. That is amazing. I didn't know you were so smart. I know I never got 14 gold stars in my whole life. And now you can write letters to me by yourself. You are so grown up and I am proud to be your friend.
    And when summer vacation comes, you will have a real job just like the big boys.
    When you have the next New Year's party at the hotel, maybe you will have a girlfriend to kiss and dance with. Wouldn't that be fun?
    I am much better now that I have a wonderful rainbow over my head with love raining down on me. Thank you so much for my rainbow.
    Right now I am floating in the sink saying 'hoot hoot'. Uncle Brian said,'please get out of the sink and make my dinner'. So I guess I have to go my friend.
    Thank you for your nice letter
    Lots of love and a big hug and a rainbow ice-cream cone,
    Aunt Jeannie

  3. Hi Humble,
    I am having a hard time accepting that 'My Little Man' can write his own letters now. The years have just flown by. He wasn't much more than a twinkle in your eye when I met Nee.
    I have always loved children and two generations of mine have grown up and gone. Thank you for letting me share a moment or two with yours. They are pretty awesome kids.
    Your friendly neighborhood Genie


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