Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Back Yard

The rains came and melted all the snow and our stream flooded

See how fast the water is flowing. And it is quite deep. You can hear Brian calling Mika. If she fell in she would probably be washed away. In the summer  when the water was high and fast, after a storm, the children used to get on inner-tubes and ride the rapids .


  1. Boy ! that water is moving fast , you can see Mika , Man wants to know do you fish from your backyard Hahahaha!

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    Love PIC

  2. It's surprising how strong the current is. There are lots of little fish and baby brook trout in the stream. The fish come to spawn there from the Grand River and when the baby fish are born and grow a little bigger, they make their way back to the river, so I've been told. When I asked one of the fish, he didn't say anything. We have caught lots of little fish but they are too small to eat. We also have frogs and little cray fish, ducks and pesky beavers in the stream.
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    Luv PIC


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