Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Much love and a big kiss
Aunt Jeannie



Your friend I am


  1. Aunt Jeannie ,
    My birthday post is awesome , thank you so much . Yoda is one of my favorite characters , I collect figures of him , mama says he is so ugly and that makes him cute .
    I am 15 now and tall as mama , I will have my birthday party Saturady , my girlfriend will be there , I will have my first grown up date Sunday , daddy will drive me to pick her up and take her home , we will be at the movies along . I was kind of afraid to ask her daddy , her daddy was cool with it after he learned daddy was taking us .
    Aunt Jeannie you find the coolest birthday posts .
    I am late thanking you , had karate practice after school , had dinner and had to do my lesson , I have lots of homework , I am on the junior football team , I do my NASA research on the computer and fax it to the center , my instructor said that was find . Chris and I have not forgot you and we will send some more articles . Poppa say next year we will have this high school stuff down pat .
    Daddy and I had the man to man talk , I told him I would always be respectful and stop mean stop . Poppa said ask daddy about the drugstore , he know I would enjoy that one . Poppa said he had the talk with all his boys .
    Aunt Jeannie hope you are doing well and I thank you so very much ,Sending you lots of hugs and warm wishes for a happy life .

  2. Hi Jonny
    Congratulations on becoming fifteen. You are a young man now, not a boy any longer. Your birthday party will be fantastic. Your girlfriend will be impressed. It was good that you pulled your courage together and asked your girlfriend's dad's permission. If you are straightforward and look a man straight in the eye you will usually get what you want.
    You are very tall for 15. I know your mama is at least 5'9". You are going to be a very big man when you finish growing. And my gosh, you are so busy with so many activities. But it's good for you; it gives you the chance to try all kinds of things. The more things you try, the better to find out where you fit in this world and what you are good at. Boy I wish I could go to lessons at NASA with you. You are learning all the stuff I would love to know.
    We all have to go through that talk, whether it's man to man or woman to woman. I already knew most of the stuff my mom told me but I was polite and listened. To this day I remember every word she said.
    I know the drugstore story. It is very funny and cute. Your daddy may want to save it for another year. You'll have to wait and see.
    Thank you for your kind wishes, Jonny. I also wish you much happiness and an absolutely awesome year. This is a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy every minute because these are the memories you will carry forever.
    Love and 15 hugs
    Aunt Jeannie


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