Thursday, June 4, 2015

Food for Thought : Weight Loss

Most of   us  have  something  we  are  looking  forward  to  this summer . It may be  a wedding  , a class reunion  or  a family  vacation . No matter  the  event , we  all want  to look out  best .
Although you may have  known  this  was  coming for  quite  some  time , but  may  not  have   had  the  motivation  to get  started  on  your  weight loss  or  health goals . While  you  don't  have  time  to make  drastic changes ,  you can make  a few  changes   that can improve  how  you  look , feel  and  get yourself  started  on the  right  path.
However  , you should  avoid  the  temptation  to go on a crash diet or  follow  a fad  plan . These  can create  health problems ; specifically  they can create  heart problems  and  other  issues .
Here  are  a few  tips  to help you look  and  feel  your  best  for  the  upcoming  event  in a healthful  way .

1 . Drink plenty of  water :
Staying properly  hydrated not  only  keeps  your  metabolism  working  properly . it also  helps  the  appearance  of  your  skin  and  reduces  puffiness  and  swelling . Remove  sodas  , diet  soda  , fruit  drinks  from your  diet  and  replace  them with water .

2 .  Snack smart : 
Snacks  consisting  of  nuts  , seeds  , or  water-rich  fruits  and  vegetables  such as  watermelons  or  cucumbers . Avoid  snacks  with preservatives  and  artificial  sweeteners  , as  these  can  cause  bloating /

3 .  Eat small amounts :
Eat smaller potions  of  food  ever few  hours  instead  of  three larger  meals .  Although  high-fiber  foods  such as  beans  and  cruciferous  vegetables  are  great  for  your  overall  health , you may ant  to  avoid  them a day or  two  before  the  big  event  , to  reduce  bloating .

Words  of  Wisdom :
Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit. 

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. 

If wisdom and diamonds grew on the same tree we could soon tell how much men loved wisdom. 

Life is one long experiment in learning. Who can be perfect all the time? Sometimes I feel half-wise, sometimes half-stupid. 
Mothers, teach your children this. Teach your children that Wisdom is everywhere. In pieces. Some of the Wisdom is in the trees, some of the Wisdom is with the animals. Some of the Wisdom is with the planets and the stars and the moons and the sun. Some of the Wisdom flows with the waters. Some of the Wisdom was with our ancestors. Some of the Wisdom is in our minds.

A proud grand-poppa                        G.


  1. Poppa , Mama say if we eat right and get plenty of exercise we will not have to diet , we will make muscle and not fat , I and going to have a 6 pack like daddy , Man say he has a 6 pack like poppa , mama laugh and said yes you do my little man .
    We have lots of fruits and nuts , we love to buy our food and mama say we can have natural juice drinks , we do have sodas we like the fruity kind . MeMa said if we eat healthy as we grow into adults , it will come a habit all through our lives , MeMa said that's how they treat diabetes and heart problem in the family and that mama is as healthy as a horse until she want daddy to pamper her , mama and daddy is so funny and we like to see daddy get things for mama , daddy say he know she is not sick just being lazy .
    Poppa your last quote is what daddy tells us , no one can be perfect all the time , do the best you can and everything else will fall into place .
    Everyone is going to the Strand Theatre tonight , daddy said it will be interesting it is so much history here . Daddy said he was born in Reno Nevada and mama was born in New Orleans and mama has lived in Shreveport since she was 10 years old .
    We all love you poppa .
    Wrote by Jonny

  2. Hello my dear Cubs ,
    Always listen to your mama , she has your best interest at heart . It do my heart good to see your daddy and mama walking or jogging with you and Chris and Anita with their bunch along with you . Yes , you are making a 6 pack and Man will have a 6 pack like Gil as he grows , and yes Man 6 pack look like mine at the moment (laughing my butt off).
    Your dear mama has your daddy wrapped around her fingers and I do think your daddy likes it that way , it makes him happy to see her happy .
    So happy you like the quote and it is so true . I am very glad that everyone went to see the documentary at the Strand Theatre , very interesting and yes we can go to the library next week and of course we can go to the book store Saturday morning and yes they open at 9:AM and Mac will pick us us at 8:30 AM , so all the cubs be ready . Your daddy met your mama when we came here to purchase Hollywood and the rest is history .
    I love each and everyone of you .
    Wrote by Poppa


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