Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fish Fillets with Lemon Parsley Topping

Serves 4
  4             (6 oz) lean white fish fillets (such as tilapia, snapper, or flounder), rinsed and patted dry paprika to taste
1/4           cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2           teaspoon  lemon zest
2              teaspoons finely chopped parsley
1/4           teaspoon dried dill weed
1             medium lemon, halved Instructions 

1 .     Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil, coat foil with cooking spray, arrange the fillets on foil, and sprinkle evenly with the paprika. Season lightly with salt and pepper, if desired. 

2 .    Bake 10 minutes or until the fish is opaque in center. While fish is cooking, combine the remaining ingredients, except lemon halves, in a small mixing bowl and set aside. Using a slotted spatula, remove the fish, place on four dinner plates, and squeeze lemon juice evenly over all. Top with the parsley mixture. 
Heart  healthy 


  1. How delicious! We love fish, and lemon always gives it a great flavor!

  2. Hi Aunty,
    I made this recipe about a month ago, I used red snapper ,it was delightful delicious.
    Robert brought me a couple of pieces you grill for dinner , you did the tilapia .
    Want to ask if you would show the cooks how to grill the fillets for the line , serve them without tearing up , it would be a change from fried fish .One day before Friday off next week and I could put it on the line next week.
    Thanks so much for sharing ;-D


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