Sunday, December 14, 2014




  1. Aunt Jeannie ,
    Jonny and Chris said if they had to get braces like those they would keep their teeth like they are , they do have pretty teeth and a cute smile . You will not want to make anyone mad with you wearing those braces they would pull them out and it will hurt .
    Aunt Jeannie , Jakey has 2 blogs Jakes Juicey Jokes and Really Random Scribbless . Daddy said we will have to ask mama can we leave a comment .
    Mama asked us did we want one for the polar bear club and we told her no , we did not have time and daddy told mama not to talk us into a blog , it has to be something we want on our own . My daddy is so smart and love us so much , he love mama to and say he is going to spank her musty butt . we all know daddy is scared of mama . daddy is so funny .
    Aunt Jeannie we did not find the presents , daddy said mabye mama forgot to buy them and we will have a naked tree . Mama never forget anything so we just laugh at daddy .
    Aunt Jeannie we are glad you are getting better and will have a good Christmas .
    We all love you and sending you lots of love for a wonderful Christmas .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. Hi cubs'
    I'm glad kids don't wear braces like that any more but a long time ago, they used to.
    Jakey doesn't go to those blogs much Crusader, he is so busy, but he would be happy to see a comment on either of them.
    I think you guys already have so much to do in a day you may not have time for a blog now but some day you might get interested. You can reach a lot of people on a blog and you can teach them about climate change and what it is doing to our bears and other animals.
    I think Daddy is scared of Mama too...hahahaha!
    So you did not find the presents yet ? Hmmmm! Maybe Daddy is right and there are no presents .
    Maybe when Mama had the flu, she blew her nose so hard, that she blew all thoughts of Christmas presents right out of her head.
    Now you will have to wait for Christmas morning to find out.
    Thank you for all the love and kind thoughts. I am so sure that your family and mine will have the happiest Christmas ever.
    Love you guys very much
    Hugs and kisses, Aunt Jeannie


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