Friday, December 12, 2014

Aunt Jeannie

Cute  am  I not  and adorable ? Right  now  I am in seventh  heaven , won't  you come and  join  me .

Jonny  ,  Sha  ,  Jenny  , Man Carano

Chris ,  Sheryl ,  Bubba  Landrieu


  1. Aunt Jeannie , daddy put this post up for us . we had dinner and family time so now we can write to you . We are having our Christmas party next week all the kids will be in the auditorium and all 3 grades will be together .
    We will have one day for grandparents for lunch and one day for parents and we will sit with them . It will be fun .
    Daddy and uncle Chris is taking the boys shopping tomorrow to buy our presents .
    Poppa and uncle Harvey is going with us , I think they are going to buy stuff . hope you are feeling better and your mama is feeling better . Is your boys ready for Christmas and when do they get out of school . Our last day is the 19 and we go back January 1 . I will write more next time and sending you hugs . Love you

    1. Hi jonny,
      The polar bear cub is so cute. They are beautiful animals. You couldn't have picked a better picture to please me. I do so wish I could save them. Well, at least we are all trying our best.
      You are going to have some real fun at your school party. And I think the lunches with parents and family are a great idea. I may suggest the idea to the twins' school principal.
      Our family is like yours, the men go shopping together because they need help, especially buying gifts for the ladies.
      We are feeling good and excited about Christmas. I think we are all ready. It is going to be a great holiday this year The boys don't get out of school until the 23rd of December and they go back on the 2nd of January for one day, right before the weekend arrives, which I think is silly . The twins will probably skip that one day and go back on the 5th of Jan.
      Thank you for the hugs Jonny. They always make me feel better. I wonder what your biggest wish for Christmas is. I hope you get it.
      One thing I love to do every year is buy a big bunch of toys for the toy drive in our town. It is for little kids who get nothing for Christmas because their parents are too poor or because they are orphans. Our firemen go around and collect them. The toys don't have to be brand new...the firemen fix them. It always makes me feel good to share because I have been so lucky in my life.
      Have lots of fun my friend
      Much love and hugs,
      Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , hope you are feeling better and your mama is feelng better . everyone here is doing all right . Mama made fried white perch and french fries and hot water cornbread , we had butter pickles and sliced tomatoes and some more stuff , poppa said Gil keep that girl she can cook .
    It was some of the fish Daddy and the others caught this summer , Everone at school will have their Christmas party together , we pulled names in our class , Jonny and Chris did also but they got their girlfriends a present , they got them some earmuffs and some gloves . They are pretty . they are 7 grade . How is uncle Brian feeling , hope he is not to sick and ready for Christmas and your boys is ready for Christmas . We got poppa and MeMa a big surprise . I pull a boy name and Mama got him some gloves and earmuffs . I do not know who pulled my name , we will have dinner next week with our parents and grandparents .
    Here is a basket of hugs to say I love you .

    1. Hello pretty lady,
      You are a young LADY now. I bet you had an awesome birthday party. And I bet Mama cried when you danced with your daddy. That perch dinner sounds so delicious. Our family are fish lovers too. Your Mama is a wonderful cook. She can do so many clever things. I would keep her around if I were you.
      Your school Christmas party sounds like a lot of fun and it's a great idea to pull names for gifts. Earmuffs and gloves are a great choice of a gift, especially if you live up here. It was so cold in winter when I was a kid, I used to wear two hats and two pairs of gloves at the same time....and sometimes three pairs of socks.
      Uncle Brian is not too fond of Christmas ... We call him mister Scrooge and sometimes Mister Humbug. But by Christmas day when he has had a good dinner and lots of treats, he likes it pretty well. I think it's the shopping he hates and spending money and having to go to lots of parties. We just laugh at him. He hates birthday parties too, so we throw him a big party every year. It's funny to hear him grumble.
      I am very curious about the big surprise you got for Poppa and MeMa. I bet they will be thrilled with it.
      I loved the polar bear cub. Thank you for thinking of us and wishing us well. And thanks for all the hugs. They make me feel better and a lot warmer. You are a good young lady and I love you. I hope your Christmas wishes come true.
      Hugs and kisses,
      Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie , how are you feeling , my mama says hello and hope you have a Merry Christmas . Mama and aunt Nee is baking lots of cookies . The make them and roll them up in freezer paper and put them in the freezer . When we get out for Christmas vacation , we will bake and decorate them for the holidays
    We will have a lot of fun in our club house , no girls allowed we let our sisters use it sometime to play with their friends and they eat up all our food and drinks . They do clean it up for us so we don't mind them playing out there . My daddy says we have to share .
    Next week is going to be fun , My daddy and Mama is coming to have Christmas lunch with us and poppa ans MeMa is coming the next day to have grandparents lunch with us , all 6 of us will eat together at the same time .
    I am also sending you hugs for a warm and Merry Christmas love you .


    1. The GenieDecember 15, 2014 at 2:41 PM

      Hello Chris,
      I am much better. Thank you for inquiring and thinking of me. And please wish your Mama and Daddy a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Isn't it great fun to make and decorate Christmas cookies? I loved it as a kid...I still love it.
      I am glad you are enjoying your club house. Do you have a sign to hang outside when the guys are having a meeting, and the girls are not allowed in?? Tell the young ladies that if they take something, they have to bring something. Just leave some cookies or something. That's fair.
      The school party and family lunches sound like great fun. Enjoy the season Buddy.
      I hope your Christmas is awesome and you get the thing you want the most. You and I are both lucky ...we are surrounded by family who loves us and that is the most important thing in the world. The polar bear was so sweet, I loved it. And the hugs will keep me warm on cold winter nights.
      A very Merry Christmas, my friend,
      Hugs and kisses with love,
      Aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie , hope you are feeling better and got all your shopping done , mama says there is always a last minute thing to do or buy . I know mama and aunt Nee and Nan is always going somewhere .
    We are having a Christmas dance and party and will exchange gifts in our homeroom before the dance and party . All 3 grades will be there and boy what fun we will have .
    I love parties they are so much fun . Our parents will have lunch with us and Poppa and MeMa will have grandparents lunch with us , one of the coaches said MeMa was hot and have great legs , we laughed so hard at him , he did not see us laughing at him , he is short and bald but he is a nice coach . Aunt Jeannie hope your boys have a great Christmas and hope you , uncle Brian and your mama is feeling good and have lots of fun over the holidays . I am sending you hugs and hope they make you feel better . Love you

    1. Hello Sweetheart,
      I am feeling good, thank you. And so are Nana And Uncle Brian . I will tell them your kind wishes.
      Shopping is all done and baking is all done. Now we have to go to a lot of parties . Christmas is an awesome time and lots of fun but boy, it's hard work . I am getting too old to do this stuff. I bet Mama and your aunts are moving like tornadoes around Christmas time. There is always one more thing to do.
      Your school party sounds like wonderful fun. And the school family lunches are such a good idea, I am going to suggest it to the twins' school.
      Hey don't laugh at short bald guys...sometimes they turn out to be Prince Charming. Don't forget Santa Claus is a short bald guy...Hahahaha!
      The boys are very excited about Christmas and they are planning some sort of big surprise for their mama and me. ( I just hope I don't have to go out in the cold weather to get my surprise). We always have such a wonderful time at this time of year. I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas. And I have my fingers crossed that you get your most wished for thing on Christmas morning.
      Your hugs always make me feel better and warmer too. Lots of love and hugs and happy holiday wishes to you, sweet girl.
      Aunt Jeannie

  5. Aunt Jeannie , I hope you are feeling better and get lots of presents for Christmas . my mama and daddy is having Christmas lunch with us and Poppa and MeMa is having lunch on Grandparents day . Boy it will be fun . Sending you hair bows with hugs on them to make you feel better . Love you

    1. Hello my Buddy,
      I feel good, thank you, and I am pretty sure I am going to get some nice surprises on Christmas morning. I hope you get a huge pile of presents and everything you wish for. I am certain you have been a good boy all year so Santa is very pleased with you. You will have so much fun at the Christmas lunches and I just know your holidays are going to be amazing. I love my hair bows and I can just feel those hugs making me warm and happy.
      I wish you a very Merry Christmas and lots of happy times,
      hugs and kisses
      Love Aunt Jeannie

  6. Aunt Jeannie , hope you are better and ready for Christas and all the parties and fun . Aunt Jeannie what you doing Hug hug kiss kiss by by aunt Jeannie love you .

    1. Merry Christmas Man'
      I am better thank you and having so much fun. Christmas is the most fun of the year. Right now I am dressed as an angel and sitting on the top of our Christmas tree. It is not too comfortable...the pine tree needles are prickly. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true and Santa comes to visit you and leaves you lots of toys.
      Lots of hugs and kisses,
      Aunt Jeannie

  7. Aunt Jeannie , Hope you are feelng better and ready for Christmas .
    Poppa say we are as ready for Christmas as we will ever be . Aunt Jeannie I hope uncle brain and your mama is feeling better .
    We will get out for Christmas on the 19 and go back to school December 6 . I am going to have fun . NANA and Karate school is closed for the holidays , we are going to hang out at the hotel and daddy office and work at Nanook .
    Mama said we can go th Poppa Garden , Nita and uncle Emil serves good food , sometime we go to the Buffet they have good food , Poppa and uncle Harvey will take us there , it down the walkway from Poppa .
    Aunt Jeannie , I do not wipe the little kids butts , I help the teachers in the lunchroom when they come to lunch . Mama let me do her meeting , I will let Miss. Davis do the one at school , because I will not have time .
    Jakey has a blog , it's nice , Mama asked us did we want one and we told her no , we wanted to say hello to him , maybe I will ask you next time if my daddy let me .
    I hear them calling me , it is time for the movies to start . Sending you a lot of hgs and vibes for a Merry Christmas Love you

    1. Greetings, my Crusader,
      We are all doing pretty good and thank you very much for caring about us. Poppa is not quite right. You are never quite finished getting ready for Christmas. There is always that one more thing that you nearly forgot.
      You are going to have an awesome time on your holidays. It's the greatest time of the year. Hanging out at the hotel must be terrific. I bet they have amazing Christmas decorations and everyone will be in a happy holiday mood.
      I am so happy for you that you do not have to wipe butts. I helped in the classroom and so I had to read stories, do crafts and wipe butts..( But not too many)
      You certainly are going to have busy times ahead and I am sure you can trust Miss Davis to handle everything. She always sounded like a wonderful lady to me ( not like the usual kind of silly grown-up)
      Jake started a blog but almost never goes there because, like you, he is so busy, he barely has time to sit down. But honey, he would be so delighted to hear from you. I hope you do pop in and say hi to him and if you know any good jokes, please pass them on to him.
      Thank you for the nice warm hugs and vibes
      Have an awesome, incredible Christmas ( By the way, did you find the presents?) Hahahaha! I love you, Crusader,
      Hugs and kisses, Aunt Jeannie

  8. Jeannie ,
    Heres wishing you and your are in good spirits and the best of health possible .
    Thanks for caring for my kids . Happy Holidays
    A very humble father

    1. Thank you so much Humble,
      We will have an amazing Christmas because we had a little miracle in our family this year and it outweighs everything else.
      Your kids are wonderful people. I know they make you and Nee bust with pride.
      I met Nee, going on seven years ago and she was like my wild child. I liked her and her spirit right away and have come to care very much for her over the years. I watched her grow and change like my own daughter did. She is so often in my thoughts. I hope she has a healthy year ahead. And if you have anything to do with it, I know she will.

      Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.
      Your friendly Neighborhood Genie


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