Friday, December 5, 2014

Aunt Jeannie

If wishes were  flowers  , we would send  to you a big  bunch to say ....

"Get Well Soon"

Jonny  , Sha , Jenny ,  Man  Carano
Chris , Sheryl , Bubba  Landrieu


  1. Aunt Jeannie , I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy Christmas . I am doing well in school and got 1 A 4 B 1 C . daddy laugh at the C and said son if you stop watching the girls and do some push ups you might get a B . I ask him did he watch the girls and he boy did I . I am still going to NASA class , it is great fun . I am on the debate team this year and we go up and down from 2 to 4 and back up to 2 again . I told mama we was going to win again . Daddy said son don't forget to have fun . Daddy said all studying and no play will make you dull . My daddy is a smart man .
    Aunt Jeannie I have braces now and I was 13 the first week in November , I had a big party , Mama and man had the flu daddy wrap them up and carried them to the barn . MeMa made my cake and it was so pretty and taste so good . Daddy wrap poppa up and carried him to the barn and poppa , mama and Man was on the top floor when they could see us . My girlfriend was there and we dance . Aunt Jeannie I hope you feel better and sending you flowers to make you smile . Love you

    1. Hi Jonny,
      Thank you so much for your get well wishes. I love Christmas and I know I will be feeling fine on Christmas day. We have so much fun on Christmas morning and the Christmas dinner and treats are so good, I wouldn't want t miss it.
      Congratulations on a good report card...well done my friend. You don't have to stop looking at girls but don't kiss any girls with braces for a while. Your braces might tangle with her braces and they would have to separate you with a blow-torch. You don't want burned lips on Christmas ...Hahahahaha!
      I am sorry I did not know you were debating again. I love to hear about it. Poor Mama was so sick, we did not talk for a while. it sounds like you guys are on top again this year. You are going to wipe the floor with the competition. You have a pretty great team there. Go Caddo!
      It sounds like you had a great birthday party Jonny even though some of your family was so sick. And with Daddy and MeMa pitching in everything worked out great. I hope you have a spectacular year this year Buddy. I hope all your birthday wishes come true. I am so sorry I couldn't give you an awesome E card for your birthday but I will make up for it on the next occaision. I just know Mama and Poppa enjoyed watching you dance with your girl. She may have even cried a bit because she thought it was so sweet.
      I love my flowers and they sure did make me smile. I love you lots,
      A big hug and kiss,
      Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie ,
    Hope the post cheer you up , mama said you was not feeling well and your mama was in the hospital hope she is better now . Mama , Man and poppa had the flu , we had a little cough but we did not get sick , daddy took good care off us , we went to school and daddy was the mama and daddy . Man was in the room with mama and poppa was in his room , aunt Mae did not get sick , we are so glad mama , Man and poppa is well , Jonny would always tell the people that mama and Man and poppa was there in spirit . Jonny did not know daddy was bringing Mama , he and Chris rode with uncle Chris and aunt Anita and when we walked in they was on the stage and Jonny saw Mama and off the stage he came to hug her , he had tears in his eyes he was so happy . Jonny say mama is his good luck charm .
    I am in the 6 grade and I like it a lot I made all Bs and daddy said he has some smart kids . I go to NASA and it is okay but the boys are cute . we had a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas will be more fun , mama is letting us help her cook . we are making cookies now and rolling them up in freezer paper and later we will slice them and bake them and put them in air tight containers . we will let Man and poppa help us decorate them .
    Aunt Jeannie , hope you feel better and your mama feel better to . I am sending you some tulips , they smell good .
    Love you

    1. Hello my pretty girl,
      I bet you have to karate chop your way through all the boys who are in love with you, lined up at your door.
      The post cheered me up and made me happy, thank you very much. I heard that Mama Poppa and Man were very sick. You were kind of lucky that you didn't get so sick. Daddy took good care of you all.
      It was so great of Mama to go to the debate when she was still weak from the flu. And it was sweet of Jonny to get a little teary eyed. I think he debates a lot better when he knows his family is out there. I know you and the other cubs are very supportive of Jonny and Chris also.
      It's good that you like grade six. I think it's a great year to be in. There is so much going on in your life and you are starting like boys a lot and that is pretty exciting too. I wish I could go to NASA with you. Learning about the universe has always been one of my favorite things.
      You will have so much fun at Christmas this year. You are old enough to cook things yourself. I was always the cake and cookie decorator at your age. I put the Santa and Frosty faces on the cookies with colored icing and put Christmas pictures on the cakes with icing and candies and imagination. Some people just don't understand how nice it is to work with your Mama in the kitchen at Christmas.
      I am feeling much better now Sweetie and so is Nana. Thank you for your kind, good wishes to us both. The tulips are beautiful and one of Nana's most favorite flowers. I hope you continue to have lots of fun in grade six and I hope you have an amazing, awesome Christmas.
      I love you lots,
      Hugs and kisses
      Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie , I want to say I hope you feel better soon . Aunt Nee told us you wanted to hear from us , Friday and Saturday is the only free nights we have , that is why we are just getting here . We are standing tall in the debates and we have the same team members . None of us have been sick and we are happy .
    I still go to Sci-Port NASA and it just keep getting better , we are happy to see other kids in there , Sha and Sheryl is there and my daddy said he wondered what they was studying and my mama said boys , what else . We all take Karate and just receive more belts . Bubba and Man has 3 belts each , they are some tough little dudes .
    Sending you some white peonies for your dinning table .
    Love you

    1. Hello Chris,
      I feel pretty good thank you and so does my mama. And thank you so much for your get well wishes. I haven't had much chance to talk to you lately and thought it was so awesome that you all wrote to me. I bet you have grown a few inches since I last talked to you.
      I know how busy you are. I have grandkids around your age and they are always on the run, going somewhere, or up in their rooms working on school projects. Right now Jake is working at a charity winter festival. I think all the money raised goes to 'Sick Kids' Hospital' in Toronto which is one of the best children's hospitals in the world. You guys were pretty lucky not to get sick with the flu. Cross your fingers that you still don't get it.
      I just knew you would be awesome at the debates this year. I think this may be your year to flatten all competition and win. Wouldn't that be fantastic? I am so glad to hear you are still going to NASA and still liking it. You can learn the most amazing things about our galaxy and it sort of helps you to understand how we got here and how tiny and insignificant we are in the universe. I am still in awe that they landed the Rosetta spacecraft on a comet travelling nearly 44,000 miles per hour. And , YES, the girls are studying the boys but they might be learning something too...hahaha!
      I can't believe that Man and Bubba have three belts already. They really are tough little dudes. Congratulations on receiving another belt yourself. I know how hard you have to work to earn one.
      The peonies are very pretty and look gorgeous with my Christmas decorations.
      Have an amazing and wonderful Christmas,
      I love you a lot,
      Big hug and a kiss,
      Aunt Jeannie

  4. I must add my get well wishes, too!

  5. Aunt Jeannie , Aunt Nee told us you was still feeling bad and we should say hello and send you some good vibes . Poppa say your mama was in the hospital but she is home now . I hope she is feeling better . I know uncle Gil had a time with poppa trying to make him be good. Poppa got mad and took his bath everyday and put clean PJs on , Uncle Gil told him he did not care as long as he stayed home . Poppa do his big talk to uncle Gil , but he know when he mean business , poppa is so funny .
    I am having a great time in the 6 grade , I got all B and 1 C , There are some girl bullies at school but they wanted to jump us when school started . We told them to meet us in the bathroom , it was 4 of them to just Sha and me , The did and we told them to come on if they wanted to dance and we went into our fighting mode and Sha did a jump and kick at one . Aunt Jennie it was so funny , all 4 girls ran out of there like they was on fire , boy we laughed so hard , they do not bother us . They told one of the teachers and she asked us what happen and we told her and told her we was not going to be bullied . the teacher just smile .
    Get well soon so you can enjoy Christmas . Sending you some cookies shape like cookies .
    Love you

    1. Hello Sheryl and 'Season's Greetings',
      Thank you very much for the good vibes. I really believe that when someone sends you vibes and good wishes, it really does have the power to help. My Mama and I are much better and looking forward to a great Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the season too and having lots of fun.
      You were so lucky, Sweetie, that you did not get sick with the flu like Poppa and the others. I bet Poppa was pretty grumpy when he was feeling so sick. But he knows who the boss is and usually does what Uncle Gil says. They are both funny when they argue with each other. It is all in fun.
      Grade six is so much fun, isn't it? Congratulations on getting a good report card. I know you are working a bit harder this year and probably have more homework.
      BOY, I wish I was there to see you settle those girl bullies at school. Doesn't it seem true that deep down, most bullies are cowards? You just have to show them one time that you are not afraid and they won't bother you again. That teacher was pleased with the way you and Sha handled the situation. That was why she smiled.
      I hope you have an awesome Christmas and all your Christmas wishes come true. Spare a wish for all the kids in the world who are not as lucky as we are.
      Uncle Brian loved the cookies and asked that you send him some more. He really is a Cookies Monster.
      Lots of love to you , along with hugs and kisses,
      Aunt Jeannie

  6. Aunt Jeannie , feel better soon so you can play with your toys and eat Christmas food . I was on the football team , we had fun running . I am getting clothes and toys for Christmas . I hope you feel better .
    Sending you some candy strawberry .
    Love you

    1. Hi Bubba,
      Thank you so much for your 'get better wishes'. That was very nice of you.
      I am feeling pretty good and I can't wait for Christmas and all the fun and goodies. I hope Uncle Brian doesn't eat too much candy and cake and give himself a sick tummy. He sometimes does at Christmas.
      I know you were on the football team and everyone was so proud of you. Next year will be even more fun because you will be bigger and stronger. I hope you get all the things you really want for Christmas and maybe Santa will bring you a very special surprise. He does that for very good kids and I think you are an awesome kid.
      I will hide my strawberry candy from Uncle Brian because it is so good.
      Lots of hugs and kisses and love,
      From Aunt Jeannie


  7. Aunt Jeannie , here is some kisses and hugs to make you feel better , I am in the first grade and I got a lot of stars . I played on the football team it was fun . Hug hug kiss kiss by by and Jeannie
    Love you

    1. Hello Man,
      Boy, those hugs and kisses sure did make me feel better. In fact, I think I will go outside right now and build a snowman.
      I think it is wonderful that you are in first grade and you got lots of stars. I guess that means you are a very smart guy. I always knew you were smart.
      Mama said you played football and you played so well, Mama and Daddy and all your family were very proud of you. I hope you play again next year.
      Have an awesome Christmas and loads of fun and make out a list for Santa so he knows what you would like for Christmas presents. If you do a kind thing for another kid at home or school, Santa will hear about it.
      Hugs and kisses and a big load of love,
      Aunt Jeannie

  8. Aunt Jeannie , This is a wish that you feel better soon , I hope you feel better so you can enjoy Christmas . We are getting ready for Christmas , We have not found the presents , the may be over at Lenny and we are not allowed on that end . We have to check out Uncle Harvey and aunt Jean , we have to check out Nanook , Mama was sick , we wonder how much more shopping she has to do .
    Daddy took good care of us when mama was sick , he was tired and we helped him as much as we could , he had his business and mama business to run and take care of us . I love my daddy because I know he will always be here for us .
    While mama was sick I ran her meeting , Miss. Davis said I did a good job . I told her after this year I was going to let her and the new Nanook Friends run the one at school and I will help mama with her meeting .
    I will be in middle school next year and I will have so many things to do .
    Mama said your mama was in the hospital , hope she is doing better , I know when mama was sick things was not the same here but now they are . daddy told mama it was time for her to go back to work because he like being the mama . daddy is so funny mama said okay you stay home and take care the house and daddy kissed her and said no that is one job you can keep .
    Daddy told MeMa he did not see how mama did it and still had time to raise , bad word , with him .
    Aunt Jeannie , got all your shopping done , we still have some to do , Mrs. Anita is back at work and daddy said he was taking the rest of the year off and if they need anything he will go on video to talk to them .
    I got 16 starts all gold and 2 silver . I help the kindergarten teacher with the little kids and sometime the first grade teachers . Man was on the football team and those little boys was so funny , they played the game the way they wanted .
    Aunt Jeannie , I am sending you some Violets , they smell so good .
    Love you

    1. Hello my Crusader,
      I thank you so much for your get well wishes. My Mama was in hospital but she and I are much better now and we are looking forward to a fantastic Christmas. I have not done the Christmas baking yet and hope my daughters have made extra cookies and cakes so I don't have to. I think this is my favorite time of year.
      Crusader !!! Are you still trying to find the presents?? You have been doing it for so many years, it has become a family tradition.....Hahahaha! I love it. I was just like you as a kid but
      I knew all the hiding places . I think that even though Mama was sick, she will still outsmart you. You will never find them. Have you checked the barn this year? How about MeMa's house?
      I think your daddy was awesome while Mama was sick. Good thing all of you did not get sick or poor Daddy would have had a huge problem. I think he would have given it a humongous effort you said, he will always be there for you.
      You ran Mama's meeting all by yourself ?? That is amazing and awesome. You are so clever. You are definitely ready to help Mama with her Nanook meetings. Miss Davis will handle the Polar Bear Cubs at school just fine. I hope she keeps it going for a long time.
      I have nearly finished my shopping now. I just have to pick up a few special things. I have been waiting for a 'History of Hockey' book for Sam. Our cousin Jayna is on the women's Olympic hockey team and she is something of a legend. There are lots of pictures and articles about her in the book. But it has not arrived at the bookstore so I have to find another somewhere. I am glad Daddy is taking time off for the season. It is so much more fun when you can spend the holidays with your whole family.
      Wow! That's a lot of stars my friend. I congratulate you and I am proud of you. How do you like helping with the kindergarten kids? Did you read them stories? I did it for a couple of years at school and I had fun but it was hard work and I had to wipe a few butts too. I wasn't expecting that. Maybe that's why I didn't become a teacher.
      I can picture you watching Man and Bubba playing football and laughing until you fell down.
      I heard about the games from Mama and Poppa and I laughed until my tummy ached.
      Violets are lovely and smell so wonderful. I love them
      Big hugs and kisses and happy wishes
      Love Aunt Jeannie

  9. Jeannie ,
    Baby told the kids you would like to hear from them . Fridays or Saturdays is the only time they have free .

    Hope your mother is better and you are improving .
    Thanks for caring for my kids .
    A humble father

    1. Season's Greetings Gil,
      It was brilliant hearing from my cubs. They are so full of energy and enthusiasm, it is cheering and refreshing.
      I am so glad your crew is all recovered and you are taking some well earned time off.
      My mom is on the mend, as much as we can expect. I am still trucking along. Thank you for your well wishes.
      I hope you have a great Christmas holiday
      Your friendly Neighborhood Genie

  10. Hello my wonderful Cubs. It was very late at night when I found out about your notes to me so I will write you all letters on Saturday.
    Love you and Thank you very much

  11. Thank you so much Nellie
    I appreciate your good wishes and am happy to say I am doing better.
    Thanks again


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