Saturday, October 25, 2014

Food for Thought: Help your family avoid getting sick

October is Family Health Month. Keeping our family healthy over the next few months may prove to be a challenge for some of us, as this is the time of year colds, viruses and bacterial infections tend to spread more. Making sure your family avoids getting sick and stays in the best nutritional health this season can be easy to do with a little planning. Here are a few tips to help your family stay healthy:
1 .  Make sure everyone is getting enough rest and proper nutrition. There are many nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables in season such as sweet potatoes, squash, cranberries and pomegranate. Fresh fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals will help your family's immune system stay healthy and ready to fight off germs.

2 .   Wash your hands frequently. Washing your hands is especially important this time of year. Make sure you wash your hands more often when you are out and about at restaurants, shopping or school functions.

3 .   Wipe surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. While most of us will give extra cleaning attention to cooking and food prep surfaces, we sometimes forget the most frequently touched surfaces. Make it a point to wipe down television remotes, cell phones, home phones, light switches, bathroom faucets and your child's desk surfaces. These are surfaces frequently touched but typically forgotten when cleaning is done.

4 .  Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication. Never take anyone else's prescription medication, even if you have the same symptoms.

Words of Wisdom :

"Some men are assholes and some men are cowards. What they both have in common is that both just stops talking to you, for no reason other than that they are assholes and cowards."

"Healing is more about accepting the pain and finding a way to peacefully co-exist with it. In the sea of life, pain is a tide that will ebb and weave, continually.
We need to learn how to let it wash over us, without drowning in it. Our life doesn't have to end where the pain begins, but rather, it is where we start to mend."
"There is a requirement of money in everyone’s life to fulfill own basic needs and do good deeds for others, but a person becomes its slave indeed only on sowing the seed of the selfishness and greed in his life' garden to grow like a weed."

"Sometimes, the silence between the two persons is better than their conversation especially when they are not of compatible ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Character)."

"They say that some people come in our life as blessings and others as lessons, but to be specific and precise only simple and humble people with the utmost simplicity in their lives only come as blessings in a person's life."

"Sometimes the words against a selfish person have to be sharp, straight and blunt; it is very much like after the failure of all medications to cure a mental patient the only option left to revive him now is to give him a shock treatment through an electric current."

A proud Grand-poppa       G.


  1. Greetings HB,
    Boy this post was timed perfectly. We are just starting to see the cold and flu season revving up. I thought the advice was excellent. And you have reminded me to make an appointment for our flu shots. Your quote about healing is quite profound and the butterfly this week is such a pretty color.
    Luv and hugs

  2. Greeting to you Butterfly ,
    Thank you for the kind words , Everyone needs a reminder at times . I always get mine in October . , If I do not , you know who will make me sleep on the floor and no food . (laughing my butt off) .

    My lady , I only have 3 butterflies and this was the first one I use .

    Now the little pixie ... I will also be using her , my grands got her for me and told me that was their MeMa and they wanted me to use her too . I do so think the pixie is rather cute , do you not ?

    If you prefer me not to use the Pixie , please tell me , I do not want to offend anyone or you .


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