Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Love From Aunt Jeannie
Have a Fantastic Year


  1. Aunt Jeannie , new year is going to be great fun , we will stay up and shoot fireworks and eat . hope you had a good Christmas and went to parties and got a lot of cool things . poppa got aunt Mae some pants with a hole in the seat . poppa told her they are air condtition and ran in the bathroom . uncle Harvey gave her a house coat . we are having a lot of fun . The card is so pretty . we will go back to school next week , it will be nice to see my friends . have a happy New Year aunt Jeannie and I am sending you some big gumballs , love you aunt Jeannie

    1. Dear Jonny,
      I bet you had a great New Year's Eve Party and had lots of fun. I wonder how late you stayed up. I wish we could have had fireworks too. I love them. That Poppa sure does some funny things. I heard Aunt Mae got him back good. He must have looked hilarious with those pants on his head. I hope you guys took a picture of that.
      We have been to a lot of parties and had a good time this year. We got back from our last party about an hour ago and we are kind of tired and just a bit sick of parties. My tummy just told me I have had enough party food for a year.
      The holidays are nice but it is good to get back to our normal routine and school. Sam and Jake are having some school friends sleep over tonight and having their own New Year's party. They have a neat man cave with a popcorn machine and a hot chocolate machine and gumball and candy machines . Their friends never want to go home. They have an air hockey table and darts, foosball and tons of video games. And they have lots of Nerf rifles to have wars with. Boy do they make a lot of noise.

      Thank you for my bubblegum my friend and I sure do enjoy that love too. I hope you have the best and most fun year you ever had. I love you and am proud of my great debater. I will be eagerly waiting to hear how you did at Oakdale.

      New year's hugs and kisses...Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , what a pretty card , mama said the man looks like daddy on New Year Eve , we had a nap so we can stay up to see the new year come in , we will shoot fireworks , we had a good Christmas and got a lot of presents . hope you had a good Christmas and had a lot of parties , I know Jakey and Sammy had a good Christmas and gave their mama some nice stuff . daddy took us shopping to get mama presents . we went to the lake for the weekend , it was cold and we had a good time , e went to daddys office party after the we left the game room and eating , we played lawyer . thank you aunt Jeannie for the pretty card , sending you a box with a lot of wishes for next year , love you very much

    1. Dear Sha,
      I looked at the man on the card again to see if he looks like your daddy. He made me laugh out loud. I really hope you had loads of fun at the New Year's Party, Pretty Girl, and enjoyed your fireworks. I think this will be the best year ever. Some new and exciting things are going to happen I am sure.
      We had a good Christmas too and my family kind of spoiled me. I got lots of pretty things but I didn't get the long johns I wanted so I wouldn't freeze my butt off in this very cold weather. I bet you spoiled your mama too. She's worth it.
      I 'm sure you had fun at the lake and lit a big fire to keep the cold out. It's a good place to go to get some quiet time. We have been to our lake in the winter and watched the men fishing in holes they make in the ice and watched people snowmobiling across the ice to the other side.
      Jake and Sam had a wonderful Christmas. Uncle Brian and I always try to make sure they get the thing they want most in the world. They are good boys and we want them to have happy memories when they grow up. I hope you got the thing you wanted most. I know that when you think back to your childhood, you will have happy memories of Christmas too. It sounds like you had tons of fun on your holidays. You can always count on a good time when you go to the game room and Uncle Emil's and Daddy's office.

      Well my luv, I am putting my box of wishes under my pillow so I will have nice dreams. I want you to have a wonderful year and I am sending you a humongous amount of love and hugs and good wishes....Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie , thank you so much for the card , my mama is over to aunt Nee now and we showed it to her and she grin and said Nee that the way Chris and Gil will look when the New Year come in , aunt Nee said Poppa and uncle Harvey will look like that to . We are staying up to see the New Year come in , we have great fun . thank you so much aunt Jeannie and here come some pecan cookies and love to you .

    1. Dear Chris,
      I wonder if your daddy, uncle Gil and poppa really did look like the cartoon man on the card around midnight on New Year's Eve. I'm sure a lot of people's daddies looked like that. I hope you had a lot of fun at the party and enjoyed the fireworks. From what I have heard from the other kids, you have had a real blast and a ton of fun during your holidays.

      I hope all your wishes came true at Christmas. I wonder what you wished for the most. I have a really good feeling about this new year. I think you are going to have an awesome year and be very happy. I can hardly wait to hear how you and Jonny do at the next debates at Oakdale. I sure would love to listen to you guys debate.

      We had a brilliant Christmas and New Year's, this year, but we are glad that the celebrating is almost over ....before we get too fat from all that holiday food and sick of parties. Sam and Jake are having one more party tonight with their friends staying over and then they will have some down time until next Monday when it is back to school. And no more holidays until March Break.

      Well my friend, I enjoyed those cookies a lot and always treasure the love you send me.
      Have an amazing New Year and here's a big barrel of love and hugs and good wishes to last you all year...Luv, Aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie , the lights is so pretty and thank you for sending it to us , I hope you have a wonderful New Year and be very happy . I am staying up to see the new year come in and shooting fireworks , we have all kinds , daddy said we will bring in the New Year in style . we went to see my grandparents on the weekend and had a good time , mama and me helped my grandmother cook , she was happy . we carried them their Christmas presents and they was so happy and we was glad to get home . Thank you aunt Jeannie for the card and I am sending you love to last all the new year I love you .

    1. Dear Sheryl,
      I really liked that picture too. I bet your fireworks on New Year's Eve were spectacular also. That must be so much fun. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and you loved all your presents. It's such a happy time, isn't it ?

      From what I have heard, all the cubs have really had a ball in their holidays this year. I bet everyone was dancing at the New Year's party and having a great old time. We had lots of fun this year too and had to go to a lot of parties. I had to keep an eye on Uncle Brian all the time. He has a sweet tooth and he can eat more junk food than anyone I ever met, which is bad for his health. He can sneak stuff when he thinks I am not looking and then pretend to be innocent. He reminds me of Poppa sometimes.

      It was very nice of you to visit your grandparents. I bet they were so happy to see you. Boy you are growing up fast...you helped with the cooking. Are you a good cook? Older people really love it when you visit them and help with the work. But it is always nice to get back home.

      Well it seems like you had a fantastic holiday, Sweetie, and I hope you have an exciting and fabulous new year. And who knows, maybe this year you will get a boyfriend. Wouldn't that be fun?
      Wow! you sent me a year's supply of love. That is a whole lot of love and I will enjoy every bit of it. As you may know, I am a genie, so I can send you a magic lamp that holds all the wishes and hugs and love you will ever want...Luv Aunt Jeannie

  5. Aunt Jeannie , have a Happy New year and shoot some fireworks and make a lot of noise , I am sending you some ribbons with fire crackers on them , thanks for the card and I love you very much .

    1. Dear Bubba,
      I love fireworks and I heard you had some really good ones. What a lot of fun you guys had
      I hope you had a really good Christmas with lots of awesome presents that made you happy.
      And I hope you have a very, very, very Happy New Year. I think you will have lots of fun this year.
      Thank you for my ribbons and firecrackers. We all really enjoyed them. I am sending you a great big Christmas stocking, as big as Poppa, and it's filled with chocolate and candy and hugs and kisses...Luv Aunt Jeannie

  6. Aunt Jeannie what you doing , I am going to shoot firecrackers and bombs . thank you for the card , hug hug kiss kiss by by love you very much .

    1. Dear Man,
      Did you have lots of fun shooting firecrackers? I am sure you did and I am sure they made a lot of noise. I love to watch fireworks too. I hope Santa brought you lots of good stuff and toys. And I hope you have a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy New Year .
      RIght now I am sitting on a rocket shooting up into the sky. I am trying to follow Santa back to the North Pole so I can help him to make toys for next year...
      Big hugs and big kisses and lots of love...Aunt Jeannie

  7. Aunt Jeannie , the card is just to much , it is so pretty and the man makes me laugh , he is so funny , we are staying up to see the New Year come in , we will do fireworks , they can not shoot guns on the compound , my uncles and daddy have guards to watch to see . we had a busy time out from school , we went to the lake , daddy said so he could get some work done , all he did was talk on the phone and eat and talk on his video camera , he was talking to Mr. Jacob and he had on his PJ and drinking coffee .
    Jonny told me to tell you they was having another debate next month in Oakdale , aunt Jeannie I bet you had a good Christmas and did you go to many partys , daddy and uncle Chris and uncle James had a New Years Party for their staff today , everyone is gone home now , they told them to come back to work monday . aunt Jeannie hope you have a good Christmas and a very happy New Year hope you are feeling better . Poppa gave aunt mae some panties with a hole in the seat and she said she would get him , aunt Jeannie poppa went to sleep today and aunt mae put them on his head , we watch him until he woke up and he said bad word mae I hope you did not have these on your musty butt and mae just grin and said I told you I was going to get you .
    Thank you so much for the card and I am sending poppa up there with some chocolates , poppa told me to say that , aunt Jeannie poppa is so funny . I love you very much .

    1. Dear Jenny,
      I am glad you liked the card. I liked the little man too. He was a happy guy. I know you had a fantastic time at the New Year's party. They are the best and noisiest parties of the year.

      You have really had a busy holiday. You might be glad to get back to school. Your daddy has an awesome job if he can do most of it in his pyjamas, on the phone. No wonder you want a job like that..Hahahaha! The time at the lake was good for all of you. It was like a time-out to rest up before the next big celebration. A little peace and quiet is good now and then.

      I hope your Christmas was fantastic and your wishes came true. We had a brilliant Christmas and great New Year's with lots of parties. I am kind of glad they are mostly over. I wouldn't want to party all the time. I like my quiet times too much.
      Daddy and your uncles gave their staffs a nice long holiday for New Year's. I am sure they were very happy people.
      Your Poppa is a very funny guy but I am glad Aunt Mae got him back. I have to laugh just thinking of those panties on his head while he was asleep. I sure hope your mama got a picture of it. Boy I would like to see that.

      I am still waiting for my chocolates. Maybe Poppa got stuck in the snow on the way here.
      We might have to wait until spring when the snow melts before we can find him...Hahaha!
      Thanks for telling me about the debates Crusader. I will be waiting to hear the results.

      Well my dear Crusader, I hope you have a marvelous and exciting new year and I am sending you a whole lot of love and hugs and good wishes. Luv Aunt Jeannie.

  8. Jeannie ,
    Here's to a happy New Year and much love .

    Thanks for caring for my kids .
    A humble father

    1. 'Happy New Year' Humble and continued good health and prosperity, in all ways, to you and your family. And of course, may your year be filled with love.

      And a free wish from your friendly neighborhood Genie


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