Monday, December 16, 2013





  1. Aunt Jeannie , thank you so very much for my card and the birthday wishes , I will be 11 years old tomorrow . We had our Christmas dinner at school today ,daddy checked them out so we could all be together Jonny and Chris came to have lunch with us , Christmas lunch was at their school too , daddy say it was better to bring them there , it was just 2 of them and a gang of us , daddy is so funny . Mama said she thought school was out Wednesday , daddy said no you did not baby you knew the Christmas lunch was the last day of school and mama grin ,
    Daddy took Jenny and me shopping Sunday and we got some shoes , now we have 2 pair of heels , we got presents for our brothers and cousins , we had to leave them in the car and daddy said he will get them for us later and put them in his closet .
    Aunt Jeannie poppa is so bad and stay in trouble , he makes mama laugh at some of the stuff he do , she fuss at him anyway and he act like he is sleep . Poppa found one of his Christmas presents , he told mama man told him where it was , mama just roll her eyes and said help me somebody .
    Aunt Jeannie we put on our shoes to show aunt Mae how they look and aunt Mae said let me see you girls walk and we did , aunt Mae ask can you walk like you mama and Jenny and I said yes aunt Mae say let me see . we showed her and poppa started laughing and aunt Mae said what the ; bad word; is you laughing at G and poppa say they walk like a bow leg camel and we run and kiss him poppa is so funny .
    I am having my party in the barn , I invite some of the kids from school just my friends , I invite Jonny and Chris girlfriends but they do not know it . Daddy is going to help mama and al more grownups . Poppa and uncle Harvey will be there and aunt Jean said she will be over with something good .
    Mama said all my dreams will come true , just stay a sweet young lady and I will be happy , always look on the up side , aunt Mae say mama is smart .
    Thank you so very much aunt Jenny , daddy got me a video box for my birthday , I will send you some of my cake , it will be pink with strawberries , I love you very much and thank you again .

    1. Dear sweet, young lady,
      Do you feel more grown up today? Perhaps you grew a little taller today or is it your new high heels making you taller. I am sure you walk like a grown-up with your heels on. How does Mama walk? Does she wiggle her hips ? Are you going to wear them to your party with a pink dress? A pink strawberry cake sounds so pretty and delicious.

      Make sure your brothers and cousins stay out of that closet. It's bad enough with Poppa snooping in closets. He is just a kid who never grew up. He is very funny and he makes me laugh too. You are so lucky to have two wonderful days to look forward to in December. Right after your's Christmas. How can you take all that excitement?

      Your party is going to be wonderful. You will have the best time you've had all year. Have some great music playing and dance in your new shoes. And have fun seeing the look on Jonny and Chris's faces when they see their girlfriends...Hahahaha! A video box! Wow! That is a great gift and you will enjoy it so much.

      Your Mama is a very wise woman. She will always guide you in the right direction. Be true to yourself and be the lovely young lady you are. And you will always be happy and make others happy too. Have a great birthday. I am sending much love winging your way in the hearts of a thousand doves....A big birthday hug...Aunt Jeannie

  2. Jeannie ,
    I see Baby has finally put the reply - delete thing on here . You have to be careful because the reply and delete is side by side , tell me how you like it when you chat with her again , I told her it would be nice when the kids comment to you .

    Thank you for caring about my little woman .
    A humble daddy

    1. Hi Humble
      It seems to be a better way to organize comments. But you are right about the reply/delete being too close.
      Your little women are going to start maturing very quickly soon. I hope it is not too traumatic for you...Hahaha! Sha is a lovely child. I wish her all the best in the world and I know you will make sure she gets it.....Regards

    2. Hi Genie , what a lovely card , Sha has it on her laptop picture box and I do believe she's been over the compound and everyone seen it , and yes they go all out for all their children birthdays .
      I laugh each time I see uncle Gil say he's humble . The stories I could tell . Thanks

    3. I am so happy Sha likes her card that much. Thankyou for telling me. I bet you all give great birthday parties.
      One day I will ask you to tell me some stories about old Humble..hahahaha! ( I know he isn't very humble) ......Later


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