Monday, January 28, 2013

Cubs Video Club



  1. Aunt Jeannie , we had fun today , our lights went out at school this morning daddy come got us and my cousins . we watch the movies they was great . man like the parrot videos I am so glad my daddy and poppa is home . aunt Jeannie do you have snow we had some big storms and sleep in mama and daddy room in our sleeping bags that was fun . I watch the videos first daddy said we will watch the movies on movie night we watch them today . Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies . I love you very much sending you lot and lot of sweet cookies .

  2. Aunt Jeannie , think you so very much for the movies and videos , we are lucky we got to see the movies today , the lights went out in our school this morning daddy and poppa coame to get us , I asked dayy where was mama he said she was working at nanooks , poppa said mama got a big pot of soup on the stove for us to eat man said he wanted cookie .
    I ask daddy if the lights will be out in school tomorrow and he said he hope not daddy is so funny .
    I love all the parrot videos mozart is so funny . we did our chores and will watch the movies again .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies .
    I love you very much and sending you some flowers and grapes on a rainbow

  3. Aunt Jeannie you still got snow . Uncle Gil and poppa got from school this morning we did not have lights , he said we had to stay with him , my mama was helping aunt Nee at nanook . poppa said he will take us to buy things from nanook saturday , it is always fun going to the hotel it is a game room for kids there .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the movies and videos we enjoy them all .
    Look up in the sky , I am sending you a lot of love on a big white cloud love you aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie we got a day off from school , our lights went out esrly this morning uncle Gil and poppa pick up us we ask to see the movies poppa said yes you can . uncle Gil said we will have to stay with him because my mama was with aunt nee .
    uncle Gil said we can watch the movies and we had soup for lunch . we watch the videos first we like the parrots . I thank you aunt Jeannie for the video and movies they are great fun . I love you very much aunt Jeannie , I am sending you some hot soup and a big piece of cake .

  5. Aunt Jeannie I am watching movies the little vampire is funny , I am eating cookie aunt jeannie what you doing hug hug kiss kiss by by I love you very much aunt Jeannie .

  6. Aunt Jeannie , the lights went out at our school this morning early at 9 o clock , daddy and poppa and man picked us up , I asked daddy where was mama he said your mama is working so she can by us some food . aunt Jeannie daddy is so funny ,we askedd daddy could we watch the movies , daddy ask did we have homework and we said no he said all right if we are quiet , he has work to do and to keep poppa and aunt Mae from keeping up so much noise . daddy is so funny , mama said aaunt Mae and pppa is just big kids and roll her eyes , mama is cute when she roll her eyes at daddy . We are going to watch the little vampire again ,
    Aunt Jeannie we will get our report cards soon , daddy and uncle Chris said if we do good they will take us to a place we pick out on our spring break , we want to go find diamonds , that is a lot of fun . I thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies and love you very much aunt Jeannie . I am sending you some sweet smelling perfume like the same one we give mama on a rainbow .

  7. Jeannie ,
    Lights went out at school this morning , I played mama , my dad played bad child .

    Hope your family is well and thank you for caring about my kids .

  8. Aunt Jeannie Bubba was watching videos and I forgot about him uncle Gil said get him so he can thank you .


    Aunt Jeannie , thank you for the movies I am watching the vampire . I love you very much and sending you a lot of kiss and hugs to keep you warm .

  9. Hi Jonny,
    That must have been some bad storm to knock the lights out. It's great when you get a surprise holiday from school. And you got to watch the movies so it worked out fine. It does sound like fun to camp out on the floor in Mama and Daddy's room. I sure hope you don't get any more bad storms or tornados.
    Our snow has melted again but it's not all gone. Sometimes it's very hard to find Maxy if there is deep snow. He is white and he has very short legs. He told me to say hello to you.
    You are very welcome for the videos and I thankyou for the love and cookies.I am sending a boat load of chocolate brownies wrapped in hugs and kisses...Luv Aunt Jeannie

  10. Hi Sha,
    It worked out quite well for you guys when the lights went out. You got a surprise holiday and were able to watch the movies.
    I know Mama had to work at Nanooks because Della was sick. But Daddy and Poppa are good babysitters and lots of fun. I bet Mama makes good soup. We love it up here in Canada on a cold day.

    I think Mozart better work on his counting a little bit. He wasn't too good at it. I think you will be back in school tomorrow. I am glad you like the videos Honey and I will get some really good ones for next time.

    I love the flowers and grapes on a rainbow and I am sending a big Valentine heart full of chocolates with love centres. Lots of hugs and kisses..Aunt Jeannie

  11. Hi Chris,
    We are having a warm spell and the snow is melting away. We are having a strange winter. Some days are so cold you think your blood is freezing and then it suddenly gets warm. We are feeling the effects of global warming.
    We are closer to the Arctic than you guys and are getting big changes in our climate.
    I think you are having lots more bad storms than you used to in Louisiana.

    It kind of worked out okay when the lights went out at school. You got a holiday and got to watch videos. That's pretty neat.

    I bet Nanooks has some neat stuff to look at or buy. Have fun on Saturday. Poppa is a lot of fun. I think he is just a big kid.

    Thankyou for my cloud of love. I'll keep it forever and I am sending love and a bone breaking hug on a comet with a trail of fire

    Luv Aunt Jeannie

  12. Hi Sherlyn,
    Well things worked out so nicely for you Sweetie. You got a day off from school and got to watch videos and eat Aunt Nee's good cooking. I bet you will have fun on Saturday at the hotel with Poppa.

    I am so glad you enjoy the videos. I really like the parrots, they make me laugh. So many people put parrot videos on Youtube. We will have new ones for a long time.

    Thankyou so much for the hot soup. It was delicious but I think Maxy stole the cake. He loves sweet things.
    I am sending you a big chocolate heart carried by magic pixies and covered with hugs and kisses
    Luv Aunt Jeannie

  13. Hi Man,
    I am happy you liked the little vampire movie. And I would like a bite of your cookie. I like cookies too.
    I will send some more funny movies soon. Right now I am up in sky dancing on a star made of peanut butter cookies.
    Lots of love and hugs and kisses.
    From Aunt Jeannie
    Luv Aunt Jeannie

  14. Hi Jenny,
    Are you sure some kid didn't turn the lights off so he could have a day off from school and watch videos?? Haha! Just kidding.

    It sounds like a very bad storm. I hope you don't have many of those. Daddy is very funny. He knows Mama was helping out at Nanooks because Della got the flu.

    Just how much noise do poppa and Aunt Mae make? I know they like to laugh a lot. Mama is right, Poppa is just a big kid.You are allowed to be a big kid when you get older.

    It sounds like the Little Vampire was a pretty good movie.I will look for more like that.
    I know your report cards are going to be awesome so you will be going on a diamond hunt. If you find a pink one please save it for me. I like pink diamonds.

    The perfume was lovely, just like flowers. Thankyou Crusader. I am going to see if my rainbow has a pot of gold at the other end.

    I am sending you an ocean of love with a magic pirate ship full of hugs and kisses....Luv Aunt Jeannie

  15. Hi Bubba,
    Your are welcome my friend. I hope I can find some great movies for next time. Do you like funny ones the most?
    I hope you had fun on your day away from school.
    Thankyou for the hugs and kisses. They kept me very warm and cozy.
    I am sending you a ton of hugs and kisses on a sleigh pulled by two big polar bears..
    Luv Aunt Jeannie

  16. Hi Gil,
    That was a nasty storm and I heard there were tornados in the area too.

    Playing Mama looks good on you.


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