Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cubs Video Club




  1. Aunt Jeannie I was happy my daddy came home thurday night daddy said he was proud of me for taking care of everyone while he was away he will leave again tonight.
    we went to the lake yesterday for the night , we had a lot of fun . we got home today and mama said we had videos . I like all the animals viedos and the parrots are so cute .we are over our colds and go to school tomorrow .
    Thank you aunt Jeaannie for the videos and movies . I am sending you some sweet stuff on a flying horse to ride in the stars .I love you very much aunt Jeannie .

  2. Aunt Jeannie , do you have snow , we went to the lake and had a lot of fun daddy said no phones or laptops , he wanted to fish and have fun with us . the sun was shining and it was warm like spring . poppa went fishing with uncle Chris and daddy and they catch a lot of big fish . I love going to the lake . mama and aunt Anita cooked them with french fry and salad . we are going to school tomorrow , we talk to mema and aunt Mae and they miss us , I miss my mema and aunt Mae .
    Poppa said he is so proud of us , poppa ask man was he good and man said no ,said no aunt Jeannie man is never good daddy say man is just like mama , daddy is so funny .
    Aunt Jeannie , thank you for the videos and movies , they was all good , I like them all . we will watch the movies on movie night we can not watch them when we go to school .
    I am sending you some pretty roses tha smell real good and some pecan candy on butterfly wings . love you a lot

  3. Aunt Jeannie hope you feel better we are better and going to school tomorrow , we will go to our Nasa and karate class . we went to the lake yesterday with my daddy and mama and poppa uncle Gil and aunt Nee . daddy and uncle Gil and poppa caught a lot of fish they did not go on the boat they fish off the bank with rods . we got home this evening aunt Nee call mama to tell us it was videos , we only watch the videos and will watch the movies Friday .
    Thank you for the videos and a lot of love is coming your way on a rainbow love you aunt Jeannie .

  4. Aunt Jeannie hope you are feeling good and still have snow , we are going back to school and doing the things we did before we got colds .
    The loins and parrot videos I always like them . we will watch the movies on movie night . Jenny will have her meeting this friday at school , she is showing a lot of videos and uncle Gil and daddy get her some when they see them . more kids are bringing the mamas and daddys to see Jenny talk about the polar bears . More kids are coming to aunt Nee meeting and bringing their mamas and daddys .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies , I love you very much and sending you a lot of get well wishes .

  5. Aunt Jeannie thank you for the videos I like them all , I will watch the movie on movie night .
    I love you and sending you a lot os kisses .

  6. Aunt Jeannie I like the videos what you doing here is some gumdrops hug hug kiss kiss by by love you aunt Jeannie .

  7. Aunt Jeannie are you feeling better we do not have colds now , mama is letting us go tho schhol , I am happy , mama said to wash our hands and cover our mouths and nose when we cough .mama said if someone else cough to move away fast .
    Daddy took us to the lake , he said he need some down time with us , he told mama no phones or laptops , we have a tv at the cabin and it was like spring , we play ball and read a lot , Jonny and Chris and Bubba let us fly the helcopter and that was fun . Poppa stop fishing and played with us poppa is a lot of fun and he is so funny .
    Mama told daddy we was so good , daddy told us to think where we would like to go , we told him we could not leave aunt Mae and Mema aand daddy said they can go . Aunt Emily sent our work home from school so we could keep up .
    We watch all the videos , we will save the movies for movie night . Dady said we had the stuff we do after school and our chores and homework and it is time for bed , daddy is so funny . we told poppa we had the 101 dalmtions for a long time and we watch it last movie night and we will watch it again this movie night . they are all funny .
    Daddy said he and poppa is leaving when we go to bed he want to be ready tomorrow, we are sending aunt Mae and Mema some mama cookies and sending Jerry and Nancy some pecan candy they are so good .
    Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and movies we will have a lot of fun movie night I hope my daddy and poppa and mema and aunt mae is here I miss them so much and I know Jerry and nancy will be here if aunt Mae come home . mama said Gil kids you have videos when we got home today . we are daddy kids when we are good .
    Thank you for all the videos and movies and I am sending you a lot of feel good kisses and hugs and some sweets .Love you much
    your little crusader

  8. Jeannie ,
    Excited wasn't the word for my kids when we returned home this evening .

    I needed down time with them to see how things was going. I informed Baby we was going to the lake, no phones or laptops , told my kids to get toys and books to read . Very enjoyable .

    The movies they will save for Friday night , after school activities , chores and homework take up four days of the week .

    I did not let them watch 'The Way Up' . My kids are very inquisitive about the funerals' of the Newtown kids, I'm still explaining about the elephant poo (smiling).

    Hope you and your family is well .
    Thank you for caring for my kids .

  9. Dear jonny,
    It is great when your dad is proud of you. I think he trusts you to take care of the family.
    Boy, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. You felt better and you got to go to the lake. You had a sunny day in the middle of winter, lots of fun and from what Mama told me, lots of fish to eat.

    Be careful not to catch another cold. They are a real drag and spoil your fun.
    The people who own parrots seem to be having a competition on Youtube. They all think they have the best and smartest one so that now there are a couple of hundred parrot videos to choose from. It all started when the owner of Einstein started putting videos on the internet. I think they are all funny and cute.
    Back to school you go Buddy. Have a good week and we'll probably talk again next week.
    How did you know I loved flying horses? Thankyou, I will ride him up to Jupiter and count all the moons around that big planet.

    Lots of love and a rib cracking hug,
    Aunt Jeannie

  10. Dear Sha,
    Boy, do we have snow. We just had a snowstorm and now the wind is so strong it is blowing the snow all over the place. You can barely see your hand in front of your face outside.The wind nearly knocked me over when I went out. That wind came down from the Arctic so it was cold too.
    You are so lucky you got a nice sunny day and had some fun at the lake. It sounds like there are a lot of fish in your lake. Do you go fishing too? Do you mind putting worms on a hook?

    No wonder Papa is proud of you all. You were so good for Mama even though you were sick.
    I am not surprised to hear that Man isn't very good. Four year old boys are like that. He is funny though. And he will improve as he gets older.
    If everything goes well, you should have your whole family back home by Friday. Have a great week at school and I will talk to you soon. You can write to me any time. Just leave your note on this blog and I will find it and answer you.
    I sure did love my roses and candy on butterfly wings. They were so pretty, just like you...Tons of love and hugs...Aunt Jeannie

  11. Dear Chris,
    I am much better thankyou and I hear you are feeling better too. Back to school you go my friend and don't get sick again. One cold a year is enough.

    My grandson has a bad cold too right now. He is 13 and plays hockey in a junior hockey league. He is a pretty good player too and hopes his cold doesn't make him miss a game.

    I hear you had a great overnight at the lake and the weather was warm and sunny. I like fresh fish to eat, especially with french fries. I'm happy you had such a good time with your family.

    Now you have to get back to work Chris.You got a pretty good holiday out of that cold.
    I hope you enjoy the movies on Friday. I hear you just watched 101
    Dalmations last week..HaHa! Well I suppose I'll pick the wrong ones once in a while.
    We will talk again real soon and thankyou for the lovely rainbow and all the love.There is nothing like love to make you feel better.

    A whole lot of love and a crushing bear hug...Aunt Jeannie

  12. Dear Sherlyn,
    You have a very pretty name. I am feeling fine thankyou. We had a snowstorm today and wow, it is so cold out there it could freeze the nose off a polar bear.
    I bet you are looking forward to school. It's nice being home but you can get a bit bored when you have been sick for a while.
    I love the lions and the birds too. In fact I like to watch any videos about animals. I know movie night is always a lot of fun. My grandsons have movie night too, only on Saturday and they make tons of popcorn. They have their own popcorn making machine in their playroom.

    I think it is just wonderful that moms and dads are coming to hear Jenny talk about our polar bears. And it's super that they are going to Aunt Nee's meetings too. You cubs have a very important job. You are teaching people about the problems we are having because of global warming.
    If you or your brothers or cousins want to draw pictures of polar bears I would be happy to put them on our blogs on the internet. I know people would be interested to see them and to know that you care about them. If you are interested in doing that, get permission from your mama and daddy first. I will ask aunt Nee if she likes the idea.

    You are very welcome honey and thankyou for the love and kind get well wishes. I will tuck them away in my heart. A great big bunch of love and hugs to you..Aunt Jeannie

  13. Dear Bubba,
    I heard you had a great weekend at the lake and the men caught lots of fish. Do you like to fish too? Have you ever caught a big one? Do you think you might be scared if a big fish yanked on your fishing pole? You know what? I don't think you would be scared at all.

    I am so glad you like the videos. I know you will have fun on movie night. Maybe when you write your next note to me you can tell me what kind of videos and movies you like best. I bet you like super heros like Spiderman or Batman.

    I am glad you got over your cold and can go back to school. I hope you have a great week. Thankyou for the love and all the kisses Bubba..I will keep them forever. I am sending you a big house full of hugs and kisses..Lots of love Aunt Jeannie

  14. Dear Man,
    I love gumdrops. Thankyou for sending me some yummy gumdrops.
    I am so happy you like the videos.Do you like the lions?

    Right now I am sitting in my boat, eating gumdrops. I am trying to catch a big,big fish so I can have a ride on his back.

    Thankyou for my kisses and love...I am sending you a boat full of hugs and kisses and Snickers bars...Lots of love...Aunt Jeannie

  15. Dear Jenny,
    I am feeling really good thankyou. You better do as mama says if you don't want another cold. And remember to wash your hands a lot.
    I think it is great that you kept up with the work at school so you don't feel behind everyone in your class.

    It was a good idea to go to the lake and just concentrate on being with family. Reading a book is always good for you too. I love to read any time.
    Weren't you lucky you had a fine sunny day. That worked out very well and the guys got some fishing in as well. I bet they liked that.

    The boys were good to let you fly their helicopters. I kept crashing the twins' helicopters when I tried it.

    It is the best idea to save the movies for movie night. I thought maybe you would watch them on Sunday because I didn't know you had gone away to the lake. I thought it was funny that you watched 101 Dalmations just last week...Oops, I guess I slipped up there.

    Yummm, homemade cookies and pecan candy sound so delicious. I think your family will be home by Friday and I know Daddy will win his case.

    Good luck on Friday with your Cubs' meeting and speech. I am positive it will be a good one.

    Mama told me you are daddy's kids when you are good and her kids when you are bad...Hahahaha! That is so funny.
    You are very welcome, as always my Crusader, for the videos and movies.
    Thankyou for all those feel good hugs and kisses and love....I am sending you hugs and kisses on a sunbeam and a starburst of love....Aunt Jeannie

  16. Hi Gil,
    What a good idea to have a family day with no intrusions...just enjoy each other.
    And the weather co-operated beautifully. A good fish dinner to top it off...perfect.

    I know you are already on your way to Dallas but good luck tomorrow.


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