Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Justin Bieber's Grandparents Injured In Major Car Accident

Justin Bierber's grandparents were injured in a major car accident .

Patti Mallette , Bieber's mom revealed on twitter that her parents Diane and Bruce Dale were driving when :they flipped into a ditch and totaled the car."

Bruce suffered broken ribs , " but thank God they are alive ," she wrote.

Still Mallette asked for fans to "Plz pray 4 him 4 quick healing ."

"Count your blessing  and forgive ur parents always," she added. "U never know what tomorrow holds !!!

Bieber's grandparents who helped raise him were seen affectionately discussing his childhood in Justin Bieber : Never Say Never , which was released in theaters earlier this year.


  1. Even big celebs cannot avoid the inevitable tragedies that occur in life. They are basically just people like the rest of us only with well known faces.

    Boy Justin is in the news a lot. I guess this is his fifteen minutes

  2. The media do not care about the people without well faces , they are only interested in the all mighty dollar.
    I think the media / mother (Diana Mallette) is taking him to fast , he's only 17-years-old for gosh sake .


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