Sunday, April 8, 2018

For a Young lady who has the courage to stand up for her beliefs 
From someone who admires her very much
With love
Aunt Jeannie


  1. Aunt Jeannie ,
    I love my birthday post , everyone said they loved it , daddy said it fits me to a 'T' . The picture of girl and horse on my birthday post , daddy will enlarge it to poster size (30x24) to hang in the meeting room with the one with Jenny & Nanook .
    I had a wonderful party it was happy that is the way poppa would want it (aunt Jeannie I felt poppa's presence) is that strange or just my imagination , mama say people can always feel love because poppa had a strong aura .
    Poppa gave me a bracelet , ring and silk hanky that belonged to grandmama Rosa , he left me a blank check to go to any university and a car of my choice . What I really cherish is the letter he wrote me .
    Would you like to read it ? Some parts made me cry , some parts made me laugh and be happy . We told MeMa she promised to tell us how long she had the things poppa had for us and did poppa know he was going to leave us . Mema said she had them for 4 or 5 years , Sha asked did poppa know when he was going to leave us , Mema said of course not , she said poppa wanted us to have them because time is not promised to us . Daddy said poppa always prepared for the future , poppa never liked leaving things to chance .
    Thank you so much for the birthday post , it warms my heart .
    Would you like to read my letter from poppa ?
    Love you so very much .
    Jenny your Crusader

  2. Hi Jenny
    You are very welcome.
    I thought the girl on the horse was definitely you. She is a warrior too. I think you will always be a warrior fighting for the right thing.
    I know you felt your Poppa near you. I still feel my Dad sometimes and he has been gone for many years. They leave a footprint of their energy, personality and love for us behind them and we can sense it at times.
    I would love to read Poppa's letter and wasn't it sweet and thoughtful of Poppa to leave you things that belonged to your grandmamma? I think Poppa just liked being prepared well ahead of time. And now we can see how wise that was.
    I hope your birthday was awesome. Much love and best wishes.
    Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie ,
    I posted Poppa letter in the secret place .
    Thank you for letting me share it with you .
    Love you


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