Monday, July 4, 2016

Just for Man - love Aunt Jeannie


  1. Aunt Jeannie , the videos is real funny a, the babies are cute , Sha said I was a baby like that and could run real fast .I like all the Minion videos .
    The baby is so happy talking to his daddy , when daddy go out of town he call us everyday i have so much fun with my daddy .
    Jenny and Sha say I can not watch the video about so dumb ways to die . aunt Jeannie what you doing , hug hug by by kiss kiss Thank you aunt Jeannie for the videos and I love you very much .
    Wrote by Jenny

  2. Aunt Jeannie , how are doing , hope you are feeling better and stronger . Sammy and Jakey is big guys now your puppy is cute .
    Aunt Jeannie daddy was not here to help Man with his videos , I played them for him , I did not let him watch dumb ways to die , people should not make those type of videos for kids watch , I think that is some of the reason kids grow into killers . The boys do not get play guns for christmas .
    The video on maxy is real cute , Sha said she wondered why you did not put that one on here for Man . We laugh at the birthday post you put on maxy for mama , it was so silly to send a friend something like that . Poppa said did we tell mama what we thought , we said no because mama would just make excuses for you and say you are sick .
    Thank you for thanking about Man he is a good boy .
    Poppa said he will write you tonight and mama is taking her laptop Uncle Greg told the people mama had a blog so get their best rescipes together , make them , if they are any good mama will share them with her readers .
    Fell better aunt Jeannie we all love you very much and we all thank you for taking time out to think about Man .

    1. Hi Jenny
      I hope your summer is great, so far. There's seems to be lots to do this year. Or maybe I'm getting old and it just seems like a lot. I love to be able to sit outside and see nature. I appreciate it more now I am older and understand how precious every species is.
      Dumb Ways to Die was Created by the London Metro Train System to try to teach children not to do stupid and dangerous things. It seems children have far more accidents in summer vacation, when they are less supervised, than at any other time of year. They made it into a cartoon so more kids would actually watch it. It shows kids doing dumb things and what the consequences could be.
      The video on Maxy was put there for my lady readers who have three year old kids. I know they will find it funny and they may have a kid just like that...a real negotiator.
      I sent that birthday card to my friend because I knew it would make her laugh. Grownups really need to develop a sense of humor because they have to face some pretty hard things in life. I guess Mama did not show you the card I emailed to her. That was the one where I told her how much I treasured her friendship and loved her.
      I bet Mama picks up some good recipes. I can hardly wait to try them.
      Man is a good kid. I knew him before he was born and wrote him a letter the day after. Thank you for your note Crusader and for the one from Man. Have a marvelous holiday and tons of fun.
      Love Aunt Jeannie

  3. Hi Man,
    you are very welcome. I love the minions too. I will post some minion cartoons for you. I couldn't figure out what the baby the baby was saying. I guess there is a weird baby language we don't understand. What am I doing? Well, it is so hot here I think I will put on my bathing suit and go lay down in the stream at the bottom of my garden or climb in the freezer for a while. But I guess that's one of those dumb ways to die that they are warning kids about...hahaha! Have a great vacation and lots of fun.
    Love and a big hug
    Aunt Jeannie


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