Monday, July 11, 2016


Many thanks to the staff of The Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack and Resort who contributed the delicious recipes below. All were tested and declared worthy of the Wandering Brook Delish Award.

-Lottie B.
-Jasmine W.
-Hattie D.
- James L.
- Elsie C.


  1. Thank you so very much for the award , Mr. Gregg said he is having the WB Delish Award made into a trophy with our names and other information , we will have a trophy case on the main floor for everyone to see and enjoy . we will also get one to take home .
    We are so thankful to have employers that care and treat us as family .
    We sincerely thank you also .
    Lottie , Jasmine ,Hattie , James and Elsie

  2. It was a pleasure to try out your recipes. We are always delighted to find new and good ones for our readers. We look for fairly simple, tasty, wholesome recipes that look good...with some texture and color, (sometimes a little hot or spicy) ...and always within the budget of most folks. So your recipes hit all the marks and will bring pleasure to a lot of dinner tables. We hope to hear from all of you again. Congratulations!
    The Carano family are wonderful people. They have high standards for their products and services but are scrupulously fair and reasonable with the people who work for them. You will enjoy working with them.
    Please take good care of them. They mean a lot to me too.

  3. Howdy Sweetie ,
    They was so excited and Gregg said thank you for the great idea for they idea of trophies .

    Go to WAG .... 2 notes
    Love you your friend always

  4. Howdy PIC ,
    today is Saturday ... I think we are leaving tomorrow ... go to WAG .
    Love you BAW


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