Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For Jenny....... Tyger Stafford calls herself a Climate Crusader...How about that?

For most 11-year-olds, travelling to the "City of Light" would be a dream vacation.
But for Tyger Stafford, it's not for pleasure. "I am focusing on climate change now," she said. Self-proclaimed "climate crusader" Tyger Stafford is preparing to head to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, which runs from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11.
The self-proclaimed "climate crusader"  from Vancouver, wants to be on hand to see world leaders hammer out what she hopes is an ambitious and transformative agreement to tackle climate change.
But attempting to realize that goal hasn't been easy. Stafford's parent only had enough money for two tickets, and originally planned to take her little sister Macey instead.
But Tyger was determined to make it to Paris, and her mother, Tarah, says that's when her daughter suggested she could find a way to pay for her own ticket.
To raise the money needed for the flight, Tyger sold homemade dog biscuits and worked as a babysitter.
And after three months, Stafford had collected more than $2,000.
"I think it is probably one of the most accomplished things I have done," she said.
The family plans to head to Paris on Dec. 3, and hopes to participate in the events in any way they can.
Despite her young age, this won't be Stafford's first time at major climate talks
Three years ago she attended the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio.
"I think that when I went to Rio I did not quite understand everything, so I mean, I think I am going to get more from Paris this year," she said.
And this summer, Tyger shared the stage with actress and activist Jane Fonda at a Greenpeace event.
For as long as she can remember, Tyger has wanted to help save the world from climate change.
"When I get older, and I have kids, I want them to have a nice future," she said.
"I want them to be able to live the life I get to have now."
And maybe she'll get a chance to help them secure that future in Paris.

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  1. Aunt Jenny , it was so nice to learn of another kid interested in climate change . I know there are others trying to get the grow-ups to listen , I do not understand why grown-ups always want to wait , they should know the problem will not get better by waiting only worse .
    Tyger had to go to the City of Light to see and understand herself and maybe get a chance to say her mind . She is the same age as I am and she found a way to full fill her dreams , as I tell the people in the meeting , you don't have to be rich to get things done , all you need is a voice and determination to do it . Poppa says you can do most everything if you put your mind to it . Poppa is so smart , we have chores to do if we want an allowance , daddy say a little work will not kill you .
    I asked daddy to see if he can find Tyger , he did , something like you post here but it is shorter . daddy has a friend that live in Seattle and a couple in Vancouver , he said he will check to see if they can help me .
    I email Mr. Kumi Naidoo , he is head of Greenpeace International , I know they have all kids under 18 in a group that is interest in Climate Change . I will email April my sponsor , daddy say to wait until after Thanksgiving her office may be close for the holidays . She raised the money during odd jobs , what a great thing to do . Tyger is very pretty and maybe one day I will meet her , daddy said if he find out anything and get in touch with her parents maybe they can work something out when we go to Reno to check on things . Daddy say Vancouver is not far .
    Aunt Jeannie I think you so very much for the post about Tyger .
    I have another Post soon , about how we are doing .
    I love you and thank you for the post .
    Your Little Crusader

    1. Dear Jenny - Love to meet you someday if you are out on the West Coast - Tyger

  2. Jeannie ,
    What a wonderful surprise for little woman . I made a copy of this post for her , Friday , I'll make 4 or 5 posters , 18"X24" for her to put on the walls of the meeting room .

    This one I won't miss , some of the parents say we coach her , now they will see there are smart kids all over the world . (smiling) . It's fun seeing the world again through the eyes of a kid , it do make grown-ups seem kind of dumb , is it not so .

    Thank you for all your help .
    A very humble father

  3. Crusader,
    I am so happy you are trying to get in touch with Tyger. Isn't it interesting how you meet and make friends in your life.? I have a feeling you two will stay in touch. You sure have a lot in common with each other.
    I would love to be at that climate conference too and hear for myself what they say. The guys at that conference pretty much control our planet and everything that happens to it.
    I have a dream that one day my crusader will be at one of those conferences and give those world leaders a piece of her mind and kick their musty butts..hahahaha!
    Tyger reminded me of you right away. And what a cool name to have. Maybe you two will kick some butts together. She also seems to have a connection with Greenpeace, just like you..
    I admire her courage. I bet two eleven year old crusaders in the world can make twice as much fuss about climate change and make all the brain dead adults very uncomfortable. I can hardly wait.
    Looking forward to your next post
    Love you a bunch
    Aunt Jeannie

  4. Hi Gil,
    It would be marvelous if these two crusaders got together. Just imagine what they could accomplish. Scary, isn't it ?
    If Jenny is anything like her mama, you could coach her all you want and she would still say exactly what she wanted. Tyger sounds like a smart, resourceful and determined little woman something like yours. I hope they meet up one day.
    My pleasure


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