Saturday, March 21, 2015



~~~~~ GO CADDO !! ~~~~~


  1. Aunt Jeannie , thanks for the go Caddo post , it helps us to know you are rooting for us .
    We are still number 1 and gained a few points , not sure how many .
    One of the guys went into the hospital yesterday to have his appendix taken out , that left us 11 on the team .
    Our taecher was there and he asked did we have someone with us that would just sit in the chair so we would be 12 strong . Chris and I said our sisters was there and we would ask them . we did and they all voted for one of them
    Poppa said not to tell you which one , he was writing you later to tell you how things was going .
    Thanks so much aunt Jeannie for remembering us and hope you are feeling better .
    Love you very .

    1. Hi Jonny
      Hooray !! You're number one!! You guys are going to wipe the floor with the competition. I just knew it would be Sha who would sit in for your sick team mate. And there is no way she would sit there quietly....hahaha! She did you proud and turned out to be a valuable debater for your team.
      You are most welcome my friend,
      And I am cheering for you all the way.
      Lots of love
      Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , I thank you too for the go Caddo post .
    The other team thought they was going to tear us up because we had a substitute member . all the sisters and brothers wear our colors , Red coats , black pants and skirts black shoes . I told our team we was down by one and the other team will try to bluff us and blow us away . our teacher asked would one on our brothers or sisters just sit in the chair in Rick place , they did not have to say anything . so we ask the team members who should we ask and Cathy said ask one of your sisters , they have bounce things around with us . so we did and the three of them decided who would sit in Ricks chair . we are still number one and do not know how many points .
    Thank you so very much aunt Jeannie , we are going to bring it home .
    Love you

    1. Hello Chris,
      You are very welcome, buddy. it was the best way to show I was rooting for you. Sha really showed the competition that there was no way they could blow you away so easily. I bet you blew them away with no trouble. You and Jonny are pretty lucky to have such clever sisters. And how lucky that Sha was dressed in your team colors.
      I know you are going bring it home, my friend, and now you can have confidence that Sha will be an asset to the team. Competition is very exciting and I hope you have a ton of fun.
      Your mom and dad must be so proud
      Best of luck and lots of love,
      Aunt Jeannie


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