Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi Cubs !


 I hope you have a wonderful school year
Aunt Jeannie


Practice your Karate



  1. Aunt Jeannie , Love the videos , bears are so smart , I bet that is a mama bear .
    I am in the 7 grade and we have more homework , it is not hard just 5 teachers . Sha is at the same school now and there is 2 boys that like her and a boy that like Sheryl .
    We went to Nasa class 1 time and they are out until after labor day . We go to karate 2 times week since we got home . I like the bear doing karate , he acts like Man when he start you better get out his way .
    Aunt Jeannie , hope you are feeling better and having fun like poppa . I am sending you some of mama banana bread , it is good with butter and jam .
    Love you and thanks for the videos .

    1. Hi Jonny,
      Seventh grade will be easy as a piece of pie for you. I know you will have more get a bit more every year. But you are one heck of a smart guy. You can do homework, hopping on one foot and balancing a ball on your nose at the same time.
      Sha is a pretty girl and she will have more than two boyfriends before the year is over and Sheryl too.
      I am very glad you are going back to NASA . I so wish I could go to those classes too. I love learning about our universe. I hope you stay at Karate too. You will never be sorry that you learned a martial art. You made me laugh when you said that the bear looks like Man when he does karate. Sam and Jake don't start school until after Labor Day.They said they are looking forward to it. They want to find out who their teachers are and which kids are in their class so they can get an idea of what kind of year they are going to have. Sam has signed up for football and hockey and Jakey is thinking of joining the photography club. I am having lots of fun this summer and I now have a cute little dog named Mooch.
      Uncle Brian already ate my banana bread. He loves it with jam too.
      Lots of love and good luck for a great year,
      Aunt Jeannie

  2. Aunt Jeannie , Those bears are so funny and cute , I will have a good year in school , I do not get lost anymore . it is fun going to middle school , I did not want to leave my sister and brother , Jenny is the boss there now , Aunt Jeannie Man is bad , I sit on him and he just laughed , daddy came in and asked what was going on and Man said he threw my panties and socks in the trash . We are doing good in karate , we was out most of the summer .
    Thank you for the back to school wishes and I am sending you a basketful of hugs . I love you

    1. Dear Sha,
      Your brother snitched and told me two boys liked you...hahaha!. Don't get too pretty or you will have so many boys buzzing around you, Poppa will have to chase them all off with a big stick.
      I am glad you like middle school. Once you find your way around it is a breeze and lots of fun. It is nice to have Sheryl in your class for company. I know Jenny will look out for the younger kids in your place and then she will be joining you next year. Don't grow up so fast.
      Mama told me Man threw your clothes in the trash...hahaha!. Little brothers do stuff like that all the time. I don't blame you for sitting on him. I'm glad you are going back to karate so you can fight off all those boys who will be hanging around you and Sheryl (just kidding).
      Thank you for the hugs. I think I will use some and give some to my new dog and of course,
      one for uncle Brian. The new dog is white like Maxy but a different breed. He is a Maltese.
      Lots of love and best wishes for an awesome year,
      Aunt Jeannie

  3. Aunt Jeannie , The bears is just too funny and make you smile , school is going to be great this year , there are so many things to do and learn . We are having some of our friends over this weekend , daddy had his company build the boys a clubhouse , if the parents let the boys , we can have sleep overs . They just finished it this week , we will have a tv , microwave and refrigerator and some more stuff . It is going to be fun . We will let Bubba and Man come but not the girls . School is going to be much better this year , we have good teachers , Jonny and I are in the same room again because we checked in late . Sha and Sheryl is in the same room . Our debate team will start in October and we will have the same group . Thank you for the videos I am sending you a beautiful flower , love you .

    1. Hi Chris,
      Bears are always so funny when they act like people but I don't think people are too funny when they act like bears =]:) I think you are going to have a busy year at school my friend. It gets more interesting every year. And I bet they are going to make some fantastic discoveries in space this year for you to study.
      What a great idea to build a boys' clubhouse. The sleepovers will be awesome. It sounds like Sam and Jake's man cave. They have so much fun. They like girls but sometimes just want to hang out with their guy friends. You can make popcorn and have cold drinks and be very independent.
      It is much better for you when you get a good teacher and even better if you like them. You enjoy the class time so much more. It's cool that you and Jonny are in the same class. You can help each other if you get stumped on a problem. It's good for the girls too.
      This year, your debate team will be so well informed and so smooth, no one will be able to catch you. I am looking forward to hearing about it.
      Thank you for the beautiful flower. I love flowers so much.
      I am sending you good wishes, good luck and good vibrations for a fantastic year,
      Lots of love Aunt Jeannie

  4. Aunt Jeannie , The bears is just to cute , they make me laugh and the karate bear act like Man and Bubba at Karate school . They get into everything , tell mama and aunt Nee , they say stop or I am gong to get you . they know mama and aunt Nee is not going to do anything .
    I like middle school , I really like changing classes and Sha and I can study together , Sha and I are going to join Sci Port with the NASA group with our brothers , it is a lot of fun . Jenny can join when she is 11 , we are in our karate classes , we miss most of the summer and we are not to far behind . We are happy because we watched our brothers take DC in the debates . Thank you for the videos of the bears they are just to cute . Hope you have a nice Labor Day and not eat to much . That is what aunt Nee tell poppa . I am sending you some rainbow ice cream mama made today . Love you and kiss uncle Brian .

    1. Hi Sheryl,
      I've always loved bears. They seem so big and strong and yet they are so defenseless against global warming and humans destroying their habitat. I bet you feel the same way about them. I think it is so funny that Man and Bubba look like that bear doing karate. I would sure keep out of their way. Little boys always seem to get into mischief and their mamas let them get away with it. You will too when you are a mom.
      Some kids really take to middle school and others don't like to move for every class. It's great that you are enjoying it. And I think it is wonderful that you are going to join the NASA group. I guarantee you will love it.
      I bet you were proud when the boys did so awesome at the debates. It was worth skipping a few karate lessons. I hope you have a great Labor Day too Sweetie and there is no doubt that we will eat too much. People bring so much yummy food. Uncle Brian always has to loosen his belt a few notches. By the way, I don't think Poppa will listen to aunt Nee...Hahaha!
      That ice-cream was so delicious, I was in ice-cream heaven.
      I am sending you my best wishes for a fabulous year. It will be your best year ever.
      Lots of love Aunt Jeannie

  5. Aunt Jeannie , I am in the second grade and I got a man teacher , Mr. Scott is nice , he is funny too . I thank you for the back to school and Karate videos , they are so funny . I am sending you some karate ribbons for your hair . Sending you lots of love and hugs .

    1. Hi Bubba,
      Second grade? You are a very smart guy. You are going to have lots of fun with Mr Scott. He will know the things boys like to learn. Maybe you will even learn about bugs and snakes and nature stuff. I am so glad you liked the bears. I think they are funny too and I will look for some more funny bears to make you laugh.
      Thank you for my awesome Karate ribbons. I am sending you a chocolate elephant, so big you can't get it through the door and it will take you ten years to eat it.
      Have a fun year at school,
      Lots of love and hugs,
      Aunt Jeannie

  6. Aunt Jeannie , the karate bear is funny like poppa , I like the bear waving by by . I am in the 1st grade , my teacher talk to much . Aunt Jeannie , what you doing , I am sending you some pecans . I want to sent poppa but daddy say poppa has to go with mama . Love you a lot

    1. Hi Man,
      It is so funny that the karate bear looks like Poppa...Hahaha! It makes me laugh. I love the bear waving bye bye. I wonder how he learned to do that. I will look for some more cool bears.
      You are a big boy now in grade one. Most teachers talk too much, buddy. You get used it after a while.
      Right now I am sitting up in a pecan tree...making a pecan pie. Thank you very much for the pecans. You can send Papa next time. I am sending you a yummy pecan pie with whipped cream as big as a swimming pool.
      Have lots and lots of fun in grade one.
      Love, hugs and kisses,

      Aunt jeannie

  7. Aunt Jeannie , the bear waving is just to cute for words , the karate bear is like Man , when he has the pole you need to get out the way . I have a real nice teacher and she was giving us the honor system of going and coming when we need to leave the room . The kids did not act right so now they have to ask . Aunt Emily told her it was not going to work for some of the kids . We had a great summer and the debates was great and daddy and uncle Chris is proud of their sons . Mama is going to Reno next month with poppa , daddy can not go , he is in court , so mama has to go . Daddy is sending poppa with mama and he told poppa to keep an eye on mama . Aunt Mae said , bad word , Gil who is going to keep an eye on poppa . Poppa told uncle Harvey he will take care of anyone that do not like mama . poppa is very mean if you make him mad .
    Aunt Jeannie what did you do doing the summer , did you go to the lake , we are going to the lake this weekend and come back Labor Day night , we have to be in school on the 4th . we will be there 4 days . Cathy , one of the debate girls , her daddy went to work for daddy and daddy is very please with his work when we got back from Reno .
    Aunt Jeannie I thank you so very much for the videos , I am sending you some of mama banana dream ice cream . Thank you again and hope you are feeling much better . Love you

    1. Hi Jenny,
      That bear seemed extra smart. They sure know how to look cute. I think I would stand outside the dojo while Man was waving a big pole like that. The honor system was a nice idea...too bad a few silly kids spoil it for everyone. It's good to know you had a great summer. Sometimes it just works out perfectly.
      Our weather was stinky rotten most of the summer, but we managed to have fun anyway. We visited some interesting places in Ontario ( that's the province I live in)... Niagara Falls, the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The five Great Lakes, among the biggest lakes in the world...(In fact, Lake superior is the biggest fresh water lake in the world ) surround the area where I live.
      I don't think Mama will be gone long in Reno, maybe less than a week. Do you think Poppa can keep an eye on her and keep her out of trouble?? Poppa will protect her for sure. Maybe Uncle Harvey will keep an eye on Poppa.
      Have fun up at the lake on the weekend my Crusader. I bet the men will catch a bunch of fish. We are going to get together with family too. And I know everyone will eat too much and some of them will get tummy-aches.
      Isn't it great that Cathy's dad did such good work for Daddy? When you find someone that good , you hang on to them.
      Banana flavor is one of Uncle Brian's biggest favorites. if I don't guard my ice-cream he will suck it in with one gulp. Thank you.
      I hope this is an awesome, outstanding year for you
      And I am sending you much love and as many Genie wishes as you want,
      Aunt Jeannie

  8. Jeannie ,
    The kids was thrilled as always . I also enjoyed the bears .
    Thank you for caring for my kids .
    A very humble father

    1. Hi Gil,
      As always, it is my pleasure. Have a great Labor Day weekend and give my Partner in Crime a hug for me.



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