Friday, December 16, 2016

 Dear Sha
May you live long and happy
In love and good health.
May devotion and friendship
 Be the best of your wealth.
 May the dreams you hold dearest
Be those that come true.
May the kindness you show
Keep returning to you.

Much love and many wonderful birthday wishes
Aunt Jeannie



  1. Aunt Jeannie
    They are beautiful , I love them both .I am so very thankful to be loved so much , mama and daddy said I was their miracle child and each day they look at my brothers and sister and the love come pouring out for me because I mad it all possible .
    I love looking at the stars wondering what mystery the world holds for me , poppa said I can be anything I want to be , it only takes for me to want to be the best I can be . I want to be like my mama , a good and pure heart .
    Daddy say mama can get mean if someone cross her .

    Aunt Jeannie , I hope your holidays be wonderful and all your family have a good time . I bet they are like my family , eating, drinking and telling tall tales .
    Jonny has a new girlfriend , she is real nice , he took her to a movie , daddy drove them and picked them up . Her family had Thanksgiving dinner with us at the barn , they are new here , they come from Texas .
    Aunt Jeannie thank you so very much , we will write you a long letter before the holidays are over . Poppa said he will let us write it in mama secret place . Poppa is so funny .
    I love you very much .

  2. Hi Sha
    As I explained on your other post, when I looked in my journal, I could swear that 7 was a 2 so I thought your birthday was on the 12th. Uncle Brian and I had a good laugh over it. You must have thought I was going a little batty but you were too polite to say so. When I looked at the date again, it also looked kind of like a 7. Oh well, HOORAY! I am the first one to wish you a happy Birthday.
    I love to look at the stars too. It's hard to imagine that some are 1500 times the size of our sun.
    I know the story of the miracle baby and I know you made your parents and your Poppa so happy, you changed their lives forever in the best way. What an awesome thing you did and you were too little to even know that you did it.
    You can be anything you want unless you want to be a bunny or a giraffe or a tree. And don't try to over-achieve, just find a place in life where you are most happy.
    Oh boy, I laughed when you said mama had a good pure, heart but she can be mean if crossed. That does sound like my PIC but it also sounds like your poppa, hahahaha!...whom I also like to think of as my friend.
    I have heard about Jonny's girlfriend. It sounds like a pretty serious thing. Once the families get socially involved with each other, there is no telling where it could end up. It is a great thing that you like her and her family.
    I look forward to hearing about your Christmas. Until then, pretty lady...have a wonderful Christmas Holiday. I will re-post your birthday cards on your actual birthday. I might even add a new one...Hahahaha!
    Have the best of all times on your birthday and Christmas my luv,
    Love Aunt Jeannie


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